How To Get Careers in Desktop Publishing

In the fields of both art and technology, desktop publishing has been one of the growth professions. The main gain from this profession is that you are the boss of your own business enterprise. Desktop publishing has been very cost effective in that you can create template brochures, business cards, and websites using a home computer.

If you are working for a company, or if you are planning to look for a job in the field of desktop publishing, here are the most common job opportunities:

1.    Graphic artist
Main job: Utilizes visual elements such as illustrations, graphics, color, and charts to communicate a message effectively

Also called: Graphic designer, webmaster, or game designer

What are the duties of a graphic artist?

  • Utilizes graphic design software to enhance catalogs, billboards, flyers, advertisements, logos, and pamphlets designs
  • Convenes with clients to get a good grasp of the project
  • Meets with publishers as well as printers to bid on cover stocks, paper types, as well as printing process
  • Creates layouts of websites as well as offline publications
  • Generates credits (both opening and closing) for films
  • Guarantees that the visual artistry of a game passes the client’s standards
  • Conducts design training and gives tips to beginners

2.    Technical writer

Main job: “Translates” scientific and/or technical terms in a manner that will be understood by people without scientific and/or technical background

Also called: Science/proposal writer, information designer/developer, or communications/publications specialist

What are the duties of a technical writer?

  • Writes guidelines about a specific product or service (e.g. product manuals, assembly instructions, training materials, or help systems)
  • Meets with scientists, product managers, engineers, as well as technicians; and researches on the internet to gain a good insight of the projects
  • Informs the public about developments in a corporation through newsletters, manuals, or press releases
  • Edits and revises web pages, company publications, and business magazines
  • Manages document design (e.g. rough drafts, images, graphs, charts, layouts) for publication
  • Generates appropriate documentation

3.    Web developer

Main job: Creates and maintains websites

What are the duties of a web developer?

  • Writes scripts for website owners
  • Guarantees and secures a good transfer of data between site and potential clients
  • Fashions logical and eye catching layout for the web site
  • Ensures good performance of website through considering scripts and cookies
  • Provides simple navigation in the site (e.g. access to freeware, surveys, freebies, and questionnaires)
  • Creates sites that appeal both to the consumers and to the search engines
  • Generates interactive items for the website by using publishing software
  • Makes sure that the website’s content promote the client’s products and/or services
  • Checks the functionality as well as compatibility of scripts with other browsers

Indeed, desktop publishing has opened many careers for those who have pursued computer course and degree. Other desktop publishing jobs include software product manager, production supervisor, and proofreader. It is up to you which job your skills and talents will suit. 


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