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For the person looking for an interesting, fun, exciting and refreshing way to earn money, a job on a Carnival Cruise ship might sound too perfect to be true. In exchange for a life on board and putting in some hours each week doing a job, the cruise ship employee enjoys a lot of benefits: free room and board, medical and dental benefits, plus the golden opportunity to travel, meet different people and make many friends.

Cruise ship employment is definitely more exciting and offers a better deal than any normal land job one might be able to find, and there are various jobs open for the taking in a cruise ship, with the common positions being bartenders, cashiers, deckhands, electricians, housekeepers and kitchen helpers, with a place also reserved for entertainers and recreation instructors; these last usually have to put in as little as five to ten hours of work a week, and general employees have the option to have as much food and drink as they want in their free time. There are different employment position departments aboard a cruise ship: the cruise staff department, which manages the entertainment and general well-being of the guests; the bridge, deck and engine department; hotel and food department; bar department; gifts department; medical center department; and other special positions. Because of the diversity of people needed on a cruise ship, there are almost always positions waiting for a person who wants in.

There are many cruise lines that get good reviews from people. Princess Cruises is one, boasting their main ship, Caribbean Princess, as the best when it comes to traveling in the Caribbean. For destinations like Alaska, New Zealand, Canada and New England, Europe and South America, Princess Cruises offer another ship, the Star Princess.

Carnival Cruise Lines also have excellent ships; Carnival Victory and its sister, Carnival Triumph, and they offer deals and special coupons to their guests, who can enjoy sailing in the utmost comfort. These cruise lines, when they look for employees, look for ones who put good service above all. The Norwegian Cruise Lines operate in freestyle cruising, which basically means that their employees enjoy more freedom than usual, with no formal attire and no formal eating schedule.

This is what you need to do if you want a job on a cruise ship:

  1. Get a passport and visa. A birth certificate might also be required of you. You can get your passport from any passport agency, but regarding the visa, it would be wise to contact a cruise ship recruitment agency for details first.
  2. Check cruise ship office and recruitment agency sites for more in-depth information and to check for the jobs that are available. can send you a special report via e-mail with insider information on how to get a job on a cruise ship, so you might want to check it out. You can look at sites like Simply Hired or for vacancies that they might know of, or look at other sites handled by recruitment agencies or the cruise ship offices themselves for any positions they might offer.

Take note that there are cruise lines which do not openly advertise vacant positions, so it might be a good thing to check with the cruise lines you are interested in and ask them directly if you can apply for a job aboard one of their ships. Remember that a good personality and a smile is your best ticket to get hired and get on board. 


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