How To Create an Updated Professional Profile

Part of the challenge of hunting for work is to make sure that your professional resume stands out. The key here is to remember that most companies receive dozens of resumes everyday, and the HR staff just won't bother reading each and every line of every page of your resume. With that in mind, it is highly important that you invest time in writing a professional profile statement that would briefly, but succinctly, outline your work profile.

  • You may ask, what is a professional profile statement? Simply stated, it is a very brief, typically 4-sentence paragraph that describes your skills and relevant job experiences. Basically, the professional profile statement is your opportunity to "sell" yourself, and to prove that you would be a great addition to the company. It is different from the old-style objective statement, which typically uses more generalized adjectives and which focus on asking the employer for entry-level positions. The professional profile statement, on the other hand, is more specific and drills down (without being too wordy) the skills which would contribute to the company's improvement. This information profile is more appropriate for professionals and executives who have had extensive experience on the field.

    If you are currently in the process of updating your professional profile statement, you should take two factors into consideration:

    • Your skills, accomplishments and training
    • The company to which you are applying

  • Which of the skills and accomplishments do you want to highlight? If you are a teacher, for example, you may want to state something like, "Spearheaded mentoring classes for senior year students that consistently improved students' grades at an average of one letter grade." If you want to apply as an editor at a magazine, for example, you may want to write, "Highly recognized for interviewing high-profile celebrities that boosted magazine sales up to 15%, and spearheading teams in long-term writing assignments." If you want to apply as a salesperson, definitely you'd want to highlight your sales profile: "Ten-year background in sales provided solid foundations in attaining million-dollar contracts from solid markets, giving dynamic and successful sales presentations and facilitating sales training for new employees."

    The key here is to review your resume, and then think like HR personnel; which of these would definitely catch his eye? Capitalize on that. And this is where considering the company needs come in. Make sure that you do adequate research on the company profile to get some idea on what the company's vision and purposes are, and what it is they find important. From here, you would get a better idea of which of your skills would best be highlighted, and how to word it.

  • Know that many companies have certain "key words" that they scan for when looking at professional resumes. If you are applying as a secretary or a personal assistant, for example, a few of these key words would include "excellent communication skills," "extensive training in computer applications such as word processing, spreadsheet, database software, among others," and "organizational skills." Know which key words are "hot" for the company and the particular position you are aiming for, and your resume will surely be boosted to the top of the pile.

One of the best investments you could make would be to undergo a professional resume writing workshop. You could also do some self-study by browsing through different example profiles at websites such as Websites such as these would give you additional tips such as rules on how to format your resume, and other dos and don'ts for resume writing.


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