How To Deal with a Creepy Coworker

Among all the employees in your company, there are coworkers you may easily get along with. Some are naturally charming and others are inherently gracious. Unfortunately however, having a creepy coworker is sometimes inevitable and which you have to learn to deal with each working day.

The creepy coworker you dread of seeing in your office may be the person who works right in the cubicle next to yours. As much as possible, you want to avoid him by engrossing yourself in your work but he never fails to give you the creeps even when he is just sitting there. Maybe it's the way he looks or glances at you that gives you a hair raise. Or perhaps it's the way he calls you by your nickname that irritates you. Or could it be that he gets too close for comfort while he talks to you?

Whatever it is that this creepy coworker does which makes you uneasy it's a must that you address the problem.

A creepy coworker may have a reason for being "creepy." Without your knowing it, he may want to command the attention of other people, so he acts creepily thinking he will win your interest. Take note that whether he gets a positive or negative reaction from you, he is still getting the attention he wants. If this is the case, it is best that you ignore him. Once he notices that his creepy antics are not eliciting response from you anymore, he just might start behaving more pleasantly.

But if ignoring your creepy coworker does not work to your advantage, consider talking to him in private. Of course you will detest the idea of talking to him alone, but you can't solve your problem by fretting and agonizing in silence. Pick a time when your other coworkers are out during breaks. Maybe you will chance upon him alone in the elevator or cafeteria. It does not matter during what occasion or in what place you speak with him, what's important is you confront him at a time when no one is within earshot. Use a gentle approach and don't embarrass or threaten him. Try explaining to him why you find him creepy, and very nicely request him to refrain from doing the things that annoy you. Never raise your voice on him lest he might be offended. There might be an underlying reason why he is acting weird so try to be as patient and understanding as possible.

If talking to him still does not work, bring out the matter to your Human Resource Development (HRD) head. This step is mostly recommended especially if your coworker's actions show inclination to sexual harassment or any physical contact that makes you feel intimidated and threatened.

Creepy coworkers must not be tolerated especially if their attitude and behavior affects the performance of other people in the workplace. Shrugging your shoulder and rationalizing it's probably the nature of the person to be creepy is not the answer to the problem. Better deal with your creepy coworker now to make your work more pleasant and long lasting.


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