How To Be a Professional Photographer

Photography is not a run of the mill profession to snap pictures, but rather its an art that requires a trained eye for color and composition. Capturing the moment doesn't just happen, it's carefully crafted with artistry and style. The best photographers have a natural intuitive ability to seize the moment or create their own world, but study and experience play a vital role with the photographer's career altitude.

Detail to composition is essential for compelling photography that draws the eye like a work of art. Learning this skill will take time with trial and error, so keep your mind open to education and apply your own creative process. Not every photo shoot job will offer you a great deal to work with, so the photographer will need to come with a sharp eye and quick mind for background color and improvisation. The master photographer will bring a new and fresh angle to the mundane and ordinary, requiring great skill and vision for all the components of the shot.

A skilled photographer has developed a keen eye for the vision that the normal eye does not see. The art of "seeing" opens up a new world of perception and depth that separates a novice photographer from a seasoned professional. The skilled photographer imagines a concept and is able to bring that idea to fruition with the clever play of lighting, angles, distance and color. Never limit your imagination to the ordinary, but dare to dream the extraordinary and see it through.

Once you have developed your style and perfected your craft, you are ready for self-promotion in the marketplace. Clients must have plenty of portfolio work available online to get the feel for your style and vision. They might not be able to articulate exactly what they want for their wedding or special event, but they will be able to point out what they like and what they don't.

To enhance your online site, be sure to get letters of references from past clients, keeping the accolades to one or two sentences. Also, if you are exceptionally proud of a piece of work, ask for a release from the client that you may add it to your display portfolio.

In addition to being the best photographer in your area, work on being the most available. If you tend to take appointments for major events too close to the shooting date, you may spread yourself too thin at holidays and high seasons. The further in advance you accept a booking indicates that you are in demand and in control of your calendar.


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