How To Find Jobs in Alaska Fishing Companies

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If you want to earn a substantial amount of money in just one season, try getting a fishing job in Alaska. Those who have tried their hand in a fishing job (particularly that of a harvester) claim this work to be so lucrative that their earnings for just a single fishing season are enough to subsidize them for a year.

It does not really take much for you to be employed in the Alaska fishing industries. So long as you are willing, able bodied, young, persistent, determined and adventurous, an Alaska fishing job is not far-fetched. There are vast job opportunities in Alaska, and even those with no previous experience in fishing are being hired on an entry level basis. Jobs at the entry levels (packing, canning, cleaners, machine operators and office staff) are usually found in processing companies. Salaries for these positions are good enough, however, if you want to make bigger money you should work as a harvester. 

Harvesters are those who actually go out to the ocean to haul fish. Those given priority for this job are men who have already gained considerable experience in fishing. Except for the legal age requirement, no other qualification is necessary. To seek fishing jobs in Alaska, you can visit websites of various Alaska fishing companies. Here are some suggested sites that you can visit for information.

It is advised that you start your search online before actually setting foot in Alaska. Search for and study the many options offered by these companies on the Internet and what available jobs you can possibly tackle. As soon as you have found the right job opportunity for you, it is time you show up and apply for work. While working on your application you may stay in one of the Alaska lodges situated in Fairbanks. These lodges are available for job hunters and visitors alike. If you are hired as a harvester you will be sent immediately on a fishing trip to test your fitness for the job. Some of the tools you need for the job will be provided and later charged against your paycheck.

Working as a harvester is not as easy as taking an Alaska cruise or embarking on a leisurely saltwater fishing trip. You will be harvesting and hauling net loads of fish for hours on end. Sometimes you will be required to work for 15 or 18 hours straight. But since it is a one season job and the pay is worth the hardships, many harvesters keep their jobs for as long as they are able.

A word of caution: If you are seeking a fishing job, beware of companies where there are many vacancies that need to be filled. Many workers in the fishing industry stay in their jobs for many years because of the monetary rewards they gain. Hence if a certain fishing company suddenly announces numerous vacant positions, there must be something wrong in the management of said company. Therefore don’t be easily lured by these opportunities, and try to find out first the reasons why these vacancies exist.


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