How To Find a Job: Cover Letter and Interview Tips

Five years ago, finding a job was not nearly as stressful as it is today. Many people had their pick of the best jobs for their education accomplishments. Some were even lucky enough to pass up mediocre jobs in order to accept the job of their dreams. Not today. Today, people are clogging emails of any potential employer with cover letters and resumes in hopes that their one email will shine through the millions of other job seekers. But it's your job to stand out of the bunch.

It's easy to just copy and paste your cover letter in the body of an email and attach your error-free resume to every job that is offered through the internet, but think about, how many other people are looking for a job? As of May, the unemployment rate the United states peaked at over 14 million, so you must assume that a plethora of people are doing the same exact thing you are to seize the job. Your job is to set the bar a little higher so employers pick you out of the crowd. Instead of emailing your resume, take a trip and meet your future employer. Show him or her that getting this job is more important to you then it is to others by approaching them face to face rather than in a generic email. Hand the employer your resume so that you know he will read it. Trust me, they will remember you.

Even if businesses do not post job openings on the web or in newspapers, this does not mean they aren't willing to hire. Wherever you are, there will be businesses and wherever there are businesses, there is employment. Show your face from time to time and let them know you are interested in joining their family. Moreover, do not limit yourself to a single position. There are many pegs that keep a business running from maintenance up to CEO. Expand your options by being willing to work your way up. This will show employers that you have ambition and are willing to prove it.

Finding a job will not be easy in this economy. This is why it is imperative to stand out. Be the one that the employer remembers. Society has become accustomed to emailing their resume to potential employers. But if 1,000 other people are following suit, what are the odds of an employer picking yours out of the generic bunch?


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