How To Find Archeologist Education Requirements

Archeology is a career for the select few, those with minds driven to unravel the mysteries of time. But, in addition to the passionate conquest of antiquity, the student must find appropriate education germane to his or her area of interest. While archeology education uses foundational principals for excavating, cleaning, cataloging and reference, it may be highly specialized in other areas; this may require an in-depth search for educational institutions offering subject matter unique to the part of the world in which you wish to work.

For the young archaeologist that would like to pursue work in the UK, The School Of Archeology at Oxford University offers training programs designed to acquaint the student with British topography and anthropology. In contrast, students who wish to work in Africa and the Middle East may best be served with The Oriental Institute at The University Of Chicago. In addition to learning about local terrain, customs and law, there may be some foreign language requirements attached to a post graduate degree. Satisfying these courses early will free up the study time for intricate coursework that may have a fixed time for completion. For example, if your interest is for Egyptian archeology, you may expect a language proficiency requirement in Arabic, German and French, due to the vast amount of research on file from European scientists. The best way for the undergraduate student to prepare is to look forward to post graduate requirements and cut yourself a swift and powerful path to the degree.

To establish the best possible credentials, you will need a Bachelor's degree,  a Master's degree and a Ph.D in your related field. Some applicants for an MA in archeology may qualify without a similar undergraduate degree. In such cases, the student may elect an 18.0 unit minor in archeology, supplemented with anthropology and coursework in the geosciences. However, students who wish to pursue forensic archeology must hold an undergraduate degree in the biosciences. The world's foremost institution for this discipline is found at the University of Manchester, offering all phases and educational levels.

Once the degree is complete, there are countless foundations that like to be part of the glamour of an archaeological dig, offering hefty stipends for research. In addition to field work, the archaeologist may wish to author books and publish journals to supplement his or her  income. Museums are another great source for employment, often on a full-time basis. If your goal is to target museums, a possible addition to your coursework is the Museum Studies program offered from The University Of Leicester.  This program may be studied on campus or worldwide by a distance learning module, taken as an 18 month Postgraduate Diploma or 24 month Master's degree.


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