How To Find Careers in Archeology

Finding a career in archeology can be difficult, even with the proper degree.  Knowing what steps to take in order to find a position in archaeology can ease the strain of your search and help it go much more smoothly.  As long as you have the proper background such as a degree with a major or minor in archaeology or in ancient history and a well written resume, after following a few simple steps you could be well on your way to an archeology career in no time.

A year before graduating from college, speak with your school's guidance counselor and your professors about your archeology job search. They may be able to point you in the right direction as far as where to apply for graduate school, who to speak with and what your next step needs to be. Many schools which are specifically designed to teach you a certain field of learning are partnered with employers who are willing to take on students upon graduation time.

There are a number of websites available online which specifically help you find an archeology career.  These websites are designed to help students know what to expect as far as job responsibilities, possible salaries and locations to work.  The ease of your search is part of what makes the internet so popular when it comes to career searches.

Contact your school's archaeology department for information on obtaining an internship a year or so before graduation.  Gaining field experience in archaeology or even in museum studies will help you obtain a paying job after graduation.  Most companies want someone who has had at least a year of field experience, so an internship will help you prepare for this step.  You may also want to ask about acquiring a mentor; if internship opportunities with larger companies or organizations are not available, sometimes you can find a professor or researcher who is willing to help you gain field experience by assisting him in his work.

Finding a career in archeology can seem trying at times, due to the fact that it is not in as high demand in some areas as it is in others.  If you want your archeology job search to go well, you might have to be willing to relocate yourself to a better place in order to obtain your desired job.  When you are determined to take on a particular job, sometimes it means taking on a bit of sacrifice such as making a move from one location to another.


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