Finding a Plumbing Job Overseas

Resources and Training and Education Requirements

For potential plumbing job seekers overseas, there are several ways to find one that is right for you: job postings, plumbing agents, and trade organizations. All of these require specific training and education.

Working overseas can be very rewarding as you will be able to learn new cultures and languages while making money. Follow these ideas to find the pluming job for you:

  1. Overseas Jobs Postings. Check on posted classified ads in your locality and the Internet. Overseas vacancies like in Dubai and U.A.E. are often posted in traditional career sites. Check on the business links and directories in Dubai for easier plumbing job browsing.  You can also search and apply for vacant positions in the U.S. particularly in Florida, in Colorado and in Massachusetts. Look for listings in Colorado through yellow pages online. One-search websites also feature some in Massachusetts. Some are from Gloucester public schools and universities like the Northeastern and Harvard. 
  2. Plumbing Agents. For those plumber job seekers who don’t have Web access, one easy way is to look for agents who will gladly provide information on overseas employment. Plumbing contractors usually represent those that are outstanding in the field. In Florida, they often go through pre-screening. Homeowners would want a plumber that can provide all sorts of services such as maintenance, repair, and installation. 
  3. Plumber fixing a sinkTrade Organizations. Plumbers can join trade organizations and associations which will help them in their job search. Most of these organizations have listings of companies that posts vacancies and accept apprentice applicants. You can just place your name on the list of those looking for an open position. Almost all overseas plumbing companies give job interviews. So be ready, prepare your resume and expect questions about your plumbing background. The current overseas competition is the reason why employers and contractors put together considerably awesome benefit packages including vision insurance, retirement, paid vacations, and medical coverage. Benefits are even better if you join a union.

Plumber employment is less affected by global economic conditions than other construction fields. Decline in construction activities will provide many more jobs in maintenance and rehabilitation of existing systems.

At present, there is a great demand for skilled plumbers. There will always be plumbing jobs available and a huge demand for contractors and services. This is surely an excellent time to start on a career in plumbing.


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