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Building a career at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is a smart move.  From Federal Air Marshalls to Transportation Security Officers, the TSA has a job for almost everyone.  Job security, government benefits, chances for advancement and high salaries are just some of the positive aspects of working for the TSA.  Finding an open TSA job is the first step, and it is easy. Here's how to get started:

In order to work for the TSA, you must be a United States citizen or United States National and have a high school diploma or GED (higher education may be required for some positions).  You will also need to pass a drug screening, a criminal background check, and pass the appropriate security clearances, which will vary by position.  Each TSA job will have its own set of requirements in addition to the ones already listed.

Once you are ready to begin your search, using the internet to find TSA jobs will be your best choice.  You will need a computer with internet access and some time.  Log onto and click on Join Us in the top center of the page.  

If you already know the name of the position you are seeking, click on Find a TSA Job. You will be redirected to the USAJOBS site, where all federal government jobs are listed.  

If you are not sure what TSA job you would like to apply for, click on Our Careers for more information on available positions and their requirements.  If you are a veteran, click on Veterans' Outreach for more information.  You can also find TSA jobs directly on the site, but it is much easier to start by going through the TSA site.

After you have been redirected or have logged directly on to the USAJOBS site, you will need to begin by becoming a USAJOBS Member.  You have to create a user name and password for the site.

Now you can begin searching for TSA jobs.  Select the Search Jobs button, type "TSA" in the search field and hit Search.  The results will list all of the open jobs at the TSA.  To narrow your search, for a specific city or position for example, type "TSA security officer" or "TSA Phoenix."  You can sort the jobs by the closing date, job summary, location and salary.

If you find a job that particularly interests you, click on it and read more about the position.  You can apply for a TSA job by clicking on the How To Apply tab and following the instructions.


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