Gaps in Experience When Returning to Work

Making a Smooth Transition

Just as you've finally decided to make that big leap back into corporate life, insecurity creeps into your consciousness and you begin to dread the thought of going back to work. Most often than not, the fear is not because of the new responsibilities you are facing, but with the experience gap that has developed while you were absent from work life.

Well, hold your horses. Here are some tips that can help you deal with these experience gaps:

  • Buy a small notebook so that you can scribble helpful information or unanswered questions hanging in your mind. It is important to have only one reference material and to have it handy as you face your day to day work life.

  • Recognize that there will be an increasing set of new data and information that will be dumped your way. To lessen the risk of information overload, accept the fact that you have to jot down helpful data or an unanswered question anytime and every time you come across them.

  • Find the right opportunity and the right people who can best explain and answer the things that you have written in your notebook.

  • Obtain a copy of the company's profile. Most companies maintain a public website that provides the history of the company, vision and mission, as well as the products or services it offers.

  • Visit websites that have business news. Search for articles relating to the company, the industry or the field you will be in. Try to draw out business trends or fads from this.

  • A welcome kit is usually provided for new hires. If this is not available, ensure that you attend the company's orientation which is usually provided on your first work day.

  • Visit the company's intranet. This usually contains information or links to the company's talent management program, company rules and regulations, profiles of different functional groups or departments. Most intranet sites also provide messages from the CEO and news on how the company is positioned in the industry.

  • Reach out to your boss. As his success depends on your success, he will be more than willing to help you bridge your experience gaps. Reaching out to him also means that you recognize his authority and need his guidance.

  • See if a buddy can be assigned to you. A buddy is a co-worker who has a similar position or function as yours. He may be able to provide some company tidbits that are not documented. He may also show you the ropes, demonstrating how your new tasks can be handled. If a buddy cannot be provided, spend some time with folks who have a similar position or function as yours. Getting to know a buddy will provide you a glimpse of what works and what does not work in your job.

  • Enroll in a training course to hone the skills required for your work. You may have these skills already, but they might just need awakening.

Now that you have all these tips, don't be afraid to go back to work. Kiss your experience gap goodbye.


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