How To Get an Agriculture Job

Getting an agricultural job can be harder and harder nowadays with the death of many of the family and smaller farms in America upon us. Yet with the extra emphasis being put upon alternative fuels such as corn based ethanol and switch grass, you may see more people applying for and accepting agricultural jobs around the country and in particular in the Midwest.  You will also see an increase in the number of people hired at the Department of Agriculture with an increase in the idea of organic food and organic products being hopefully promoted as the way to have a healthier lifestyle and food supply.  A lot of these organic foods can end up selling very well on the West Coast in particular.  Companies like Sun Foods even sell organic dog foods, believe it or not.  Sun Foods has been wildly successful.

You can always get internships with companies like Cargill that are offering a lot of agriculturally themed internships to kids just graduating college or about to graduate college.  Many of these internships deal with research on how to cut down on costs with the transportation of fuels.  You would hope to see other companies like Siemens, who has been a leader in alternative fuels, be leading the way once again in agricultural jobs, but they have had to make cutbacks and layoffs at some of their plants around the country.  This is important because many farmers around the country were looking to set up wind farms and thus windmills in some of their fields, likely using windmills that are to be developed by Siemens.

Future Farmers of America and other groups like that are trying to create groups of young farmers who are trying to save what levels of small agriculture are still out there.  Future Farmers of America does not discriminate on the basis of race or gender.  You are just as likely to be elected president of a local chapter whether you are a male or a female.  Some local farmers in places like Knox County, Illinois are paying up to eleven hundred dollars a month for farmhands depending upon how successful their agricultural setup is.  The dairy farmers in Wisconsin luckily still have their contracts with companies like Blue Bunny ice cream, but they have also had to cut back on the wages and hours that they have been allowed to offer their workers. These agricultural jobs are vital to the economies of places like Ashland County, Wisconsin.


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