How To Get Architecture Jobs

If you are interested in the field of architecture, there are a few things you must do prior to getting a job in the field.  First you must decide what type of architecture interests you so you can get the proper training and education.

Once you have decided which field of architecture you like, you must enroll in all the training and educational programs necessary to complete your goals. Your education will include, in many cases, a full bachelor or masters degree in architecture, as well as CAD training.  If you have chosen a profession in landscape architecture, you will need to have the proper education in design, horticulture, CAD and possibly other environmental issues that deal with the area in which you will be working.

Once you have received the proper education you will, in many states, have to pass a board examination.  This board exam is required for many types of professions, and it is to ensure that you are properly qualified with knowledge of architecture to practice your trade in that state.  Lawyers, doctors and other professionals must pass these types of certifications also.

When you are certified in architecture you are then able to seek employment either through a company or by starting your own business.  In this type of profession, it is probably recommended to go to work for a company so you can gain experience prior to branching off on your own.

To find your first architectural job you may consider going through a job placement agency.  There are several professional agencies in the market place that can assist you in finding placement in this type of field.  Another option to consider is the employment center at the college you attended.  Colleges have great opportunities available for their students.  Corporations often seek out college grads to come to work for them right out of school.  This is an invaluable opportunity for you to gain experience and knowledge while you earn an attractive salary.

Of course, mailing and delivering resumes to every eligible employer is not frowned upon either.  Make yourself known to every company that you could possibly work for and follow up with them.  By doing this you are showing these potential employers that you are willing and ready to take on any position they have to offer. Many jobs are found this way, and you will find that employers respond very well to people that show the ability to be persistent in any situation.

Once you've landed your dream job, it's critical to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in architecture.  Online design classes from accredited colleges can keep you on the cutting edge in this competitive field.


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