How To Get AT&T Jobs

AT&T jobs can be easier to find nowadays if you are skilled technician when it comes to providing people access to different mediums.  Now that phone companies are getting involved in the business of providing people Internet-DSL high speed access the more technically inclined that you are, the better off you will be when applying for a job with AT&T.  Even poor college kids need access to the Internet in their basement apartments and you should apply to be the technician to provide it to them if you have the necessary skills to do so. People who work on the installation of items such as DSL can make in upwards of fifteen to twenty five dollars an hour in some circumstances depending upon how big the project is.

There are several jobs available not only in the installation of technology such as phone service around the world, but also in the consultation of developing this technology.  They need drivers at AT&T to go around the world and hook up some this technology.  It does not hurt to have a bachelor's degree in order to get one of these jobs offered your way.  You also need some sort of Certified Driver's License in order to drive one of these trucks/vehicles for AT&T.  The pay for these jobs can be very good as well because of all the qualifications that you need to get these jobs.  A good thing about doing this kind of work for AT&T is that you will learn about different cultures by traveling to other countries.  You will also learn about making business contacts and meeting the requirements that these business contacts have for you.  The more contacts you make, the more opportunities you could create for yourself.

It can also be difficult to land some of the jobs at the call centers for a company like AT&T due to the fact that many of these jobs are being outsourced to India.  You do have a lot of workers throughout Asia who are more willing to work for much lower wages than the average American worker who is employed at one of the call centers.  One good thing about working at AT&T is that whenever people are thinking about their phone service, they think of AT&T first.  You even see companies winning contracts with AT&T to promote the concept of outsourcing and holding seminars with the Chief Executive Officers of large companies on how to outsource jobs.


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