How To Get Career Coaching

The best career coaches in the world know their profession is akin to that of a guidance counselor.  If you need a bit of career coaching to help define your direction and forward path, there are several basic steps to be assured of the best coaches:

  1. Successful completion of a degree in Human Resources
  2. Broad knowledge of the overall scope of multiple industries and the current job market
  3. Experience in resume counseling, personnel recruiting and/or as a headhunter for large corporations

Yet, to get the best career coaching, finding those with the most talent can be difficult.  Talent is as important as education and experience when it comes to career coaching. Possessing a certain talent for uncovering skills in others is key to assisting clients with career path inquiries.  To get career coaching, avoid experienced coaches who may be deficient in uncovering personal achievement skills or who teach from a linear base of traditional business experience. Keep in mind that the most successful career coaches inspire their clients to greater heights of achievement, based upon their innate sense of their clients' talents.

People with the best skills in a particular career often overlook the burnout factor. Even the most satisfactory career or vocation may eventually create burnout unless the employee has the opportunity to occasionally explore a new avenue of the career. It's all a matter of having the ability to see one's career in steps. 

The first step, a degree relative to the career, is followed by an entry level position that offers first a learning curve and then a "plateau phase" through which the career moves forward.  However, without constant reinforcement and upgrading of career skills, burnout will occur more rapidly. This is the point when most people choose coaching.  The feeling of being "at sea" career-wise can be very disillusioning.  But, this can also happen to those leaving college with a degree when they're seeking that first job.

One other factor to be aware of is that while career coaching is a lucrative field, the downside comes when the employment sector changes radically.  The best career coaches are fully prepared in advance for these changes and are adept at balancing the needs of their clients with the realities of current employment opportunities. This is what generally reveals the best coaches from among the lackluster counselors in this field.  Career coaches focus on career. Personnel recruiters are always available to find jobs.  In clearer perspective, career coaching is not a one-shot attempt but an intermittent aid to success.


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