How To Get Disney Cruise Line Jobs

Getting a Disney Cruise Line job is easier than you might think. The first step in the process is to make sure the position is right for you.

The cornerstone of Disney Cruise Line jobs, known as the "Disney Difference," is excellent guest service. Designed to create magical moments for guests, this concept is broken into seven steps. Disney Cruise Line employees must: make eye contact and smile, greet and welcome every guest, seek out guest contact, provide immediate service, display appropriate body language, preserve the 'Magical Guest' experience and, finally, thank each and every guest.

Another important aspect of working for Disney is maintaining the "Disney Look". For men, haircuts must be neat and short, and jewelry must be limited to one ring per hand and a conservative, business-style watch. Though neatly trimmed mustaches and sideburns are allowed, beards of any kind are strictly prohibited. For women, hair below shoulder length must be secured with a plain barrette or hair tie and make-up must be worn blended, consistent with natural skin tone. For both genders, body piercings and tattoos must remain covered at all times.

Crew life is another important aspect of deciding to take a Disney Cruise Line job. While working and living aboard a cruise ship is an experience unlike any other, fun and rewarding to many, it is certainly not for everyone. Crew members are expected to uphold the Disney standard of excellence that is Disney and are expected to be model citizens at all times. Disney Cruise Line jobs are strictly a drug-free work place and living atmosphere. Crew members who are 21 and up may consume alcohol if they are mature, responsible drinkers.

If you feel you meet these basic requirements, then it's time to apply. Google "Get Disney Cruise Line Jobs" and go to the Disney Cruise Line website. In the header, click the "Jobs" button, third from the right, where you will be able to browse and apply for jobs by category. The categories are as follows: Food and Beverage, Rooms and Related, Entertainment, Youth Counselors, Cruise Staff, Deck and Engine and, finally, Leaders and Human Resources. Fill out the application, making sure to follow all of the instructions, and you are on your way to getting a Disney Cruise Line job.

If you become a crew member, then with excellent guest service, attitude, and motivation, you will find that Disney Cruise Lines is not only a great place for jobs, but also to start a career.


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