How To Get FedEx Jobs

With a tight economy and an even tighter job market, many people look to shipping companies like UPS, USPS, and FedEx for a good, high paying entry level job.  It's true, too:  these companies provide great benefits, good opportunity for advancement, and a positive working culture for somebody who is willing to work hard.  

This article is aimed at strategies you can use to get a job at FedEx, though these tactics will apply almost equally well to any of the other shipping companies. 

  1. Check the website. This is FedEx's specialized job search page.  You can paste your resume and enter your location, and it will output a list of jobs available in your area.  The key to using this tactic is to check frequently; FedEx will often update the job postings and not notify anybody.  Very often, a job posting will go unnoticed for a long time, so the earlier you get an application in, the higher your chances of getting a job with FedEx.  I recommend checking every day at a set time (postings are usually updated after 4:30 pm EST) if you have the time to do so.
  2. Get to know people within the organization:  I know it sounds silly, but have you considered getting to know your FedEx delivery guy?   It doesn't have to be the delivery guy, though; it could be anyone at FedEx.  Current workers will always be the first to know about job openings; even better, they will know about job openings before they are officially open.  FedEx is a company with high turnover, and if you can have an application in on the first day of a job opening your chances of getting the job are greatly increased.
  3. Consider your other skills:  Do you have computer skills?  Secretarial skills?  Do you know how to keep books?  Have you managed any stores or restaurants?  FedEx doesn't only hire package handlers and delivery drivers, they're a full-fledged corporation that hires thousands of people with every imaginable skill set.  Even better, people don't often consider FedEx when seeking these types of jobs -- so by using these tactics, if you can put an application in at the right time, you'll have a good chance of getting a FedEx job.

Remember, half of the battle is diligence, and the other half is timing.


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