How To Get Home Depot Jobs

Although the company has changed since the days when founder Bernie Marcus ran it, positions at Home Depot are still among the best jobs in retail.   You can apply for jobs at the Home Depot website, or you can visit your local unemployment agency to find potential opportunities at Home Depot if one is located in your area. 

You can also walk in to your local Home Depot and request an employment application.  As with any potential employer, remember that first impressions are critical.  While it isn't necessary to wear a three-piece suit to pick up an application from your local Home Depot, it is important to wear clean clothes with no holes and to be well-groomed.  Although they appreciate the do-it-yourselfer at Home Depot, showing up unwashed and covered in sawdust after a long day of renovating your bathroom probably isn't the best way to impress the hiring manager.

Most of the jobs you are likely to find at Home Depot will be in their loading and unloading sections.  They also often need drivers to deliver materials to the stores.  Home Depot jobs usually pay anywhere from $7.50 to $11.00 an hour for a high school or college student who is just starting out at Home Depot.  If you have more experience in retail, you can earn a higher wage. Store managers who've been working for Home Depot for some time can get three to six weeks of vacation time once they have built up seniority within the company.

Home Depot has struggled with their ability to hire people ever since the Nardelli era, when their stock price fell below that of their competitor Lowe's, but don't get discouraged.  You can still find open positions for Home Depot posted on sites like  With the slowdown in the construction industry, Home Depot hasn't been hiring as many new people within their wood and nail departments; but if you happen to be looking for work during the holidays or during the summer construction season, you may find more job openings at Home Depot during those times. 

You may also have more luck finding a position at Home Depot if you happen to live in an area with a lot of new home construction or that has a strong home renovation market.  For example, Home Depot has recently had an increase in open positions in the Atlanta area, where you see more upscale housing developments popping up every day.


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