How To Get Hotel Jobs

Getting a good hotel job is a great way to spread your wings and fly away to an exotic destination. However, not every personality is tempered enough to deal with tired and frustrated tourists while maintaining a good company image. The hotel worker needs to be patient, amicable and a good communicator, often in multiple languages. But if that is you and you wish to work in an exciting and often lavish environment, then get to work on your qualifications and entry level experience. The more experience you have, the better your chance of getting in to a major hotel.

There are many facets to hotel work, from upper management to dishwashers, for many of which you may expect gratuities in addition to wages. Some of the best jobs are in the hotel food and beverage department in the hotel's numerous restaurants, bars and room service delivery. Other employment to receive added compensation can be found in valet parking, in-house casinos, bellman and concierge services.

To secure a tipped position in a major hotel, you will need some experience, especially when handling food. Hotel life can be busy around the clock, leaving little time for on the job training, so get the best experience you can before applying. If you are fluent in another language, be sure to mention that on your application. Hotels in high tourist cities will attract clientèle from all over the world, giving you a chance to exercise your language skills. In addition, if you can pick up additional languages concentrating just on words related to check-in and basic guest services, you will be truly valuable indeed.

For persons who wish to take upper management positions in sales, banquet management and general management, you will be best qualified with a degree in Hospitality or related fields such as Tourism or Food and Beverage Management. These positions offer a great career with top pay and offer daily fulfillment in helping others.

Although hotel jobs can be fun, they can also be tiring. You will need great stamina, especially during seasonal events when the hotel is booked to capacity. At such times service workers can run thin, so be prepared to work a few holidays and cover some extra hours until things calm down. Overall, the hotel industry is a perfect choice for those who appreciate different cultures and can perform well under pressure. And if you can muster a smile under the worst conditions, you will be remembered and admired by your guests.


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