How To Get Pharmacy Technician Certification

Getting certified as a pharmacy technician requires different steps depending upon which type of certification you are wanting to obtain. There are three types of certifications available to pharmacy technicians: school certification, state certification and board certification.

Schools are able to certify pharmacy technicians for completing their training program. There are no universal standards for school certification for pharmacy technicians, though certification by a school does show a potential employer that a pharmacy technician does have formal education in the field of pharmacy and can go a long way in terms of finding steady employment. Any vocational school can offer this type of certification, so inquire at your local vocational school with a pharmacy technician program about taking one of their pharmacy technician certification courses if this is the type of certification that you are pursuing.

Some states certify pharmacy technicians. The states that offer certification to pharmacy technicians handle this through their particular State Board of Pharmacy. Requirements for state certification vary widely by state, so be sure to contact your state's Board of Pharmacy if this is the type of certification that you are interested in. Some states that offer this type of certification require it of all of their pharmacy technicians. In other states that offer state certification of pharmacy technicians certification is optional and is only to show a potential employer that you have completed the requirements to be state certified.

The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board, better known as PTCB, also offers certification for pharmacy technicians. Pharmacy technicians in all states are able to pursue PTCB certification. All that is required to be certified by the PTCB is that you pass a standardized exam that is administered by the PTCB.  This exam is quite challenging, so many pharmacy technicians choose to take a prep class or use a study guide to prepare for this exam. Inexperienced pharmacy technicians may find that a study guide does not provide the type of assistance that they require for the PTCB certification exam. If this is the predicament that you find yourself in, it is advised that you contact your local community college's adult education department and see if they have pharmacy technician training intended to prepare you for the PTCB certification exam. This is a common program, so finding a school that offers it should not be too incredibly challenging.

With some studying and research, you can obtain any type of pharmacy technician certification that you desire.


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