How To Get Receptionist Jobs

So you're changing careers and are thinking about trying to get a receptionist job.  It's not difficult to find a receptionist job as long as you possess the skills and qualifications that are needed to complete the duties of the job.

A receptionist is someone who works in an office at either a front desk or in the lobby of an office building.  A receptionist is the person who is assigned to greet visitors and clients.  Other duties include answering phone calls on multi-line telephones, setting appointments, filing, sorting mail, faxing, returning emails and some receptionists even are in charge of bookkeeping.  A receptionist must possess certain characteristics such as loyalty, respect, maturity, dependability, positive attitude and the ability to honor confidentiality.  If you are bilingual, it is a quality that many different companies are looking for.

There are a couple different ways to obtain a job as a receptionist.  First you can apply at an employment agency.  The employment agency will test your typing skills as well as other skills so that they can place you at a job that you are qualified for.  This is one of the easiest ways to get a receptionist job quickly.

The other way is to search your local newspaper and online help wanted ads.  Typically you'll find a variety of receptionist jobs each listing what they are looking for in a future receptionist.  These jobs will vary from full time and part time receptionist jobs.  You will also see a variety of companies looking for receptionists from car dealerships, real estate offices, medical offices, construction companies, etc.  Make sure that you are interested in the type of work that the company specializes in so that you look forward to going to work every day.

Print out your resume so that you are able to fax it to the companies that are hiring or simply email it to them.  Once the phone calls start coming in be sure to bring another copy of your resume so that you have it handy to give to your potential new boss.

A receptionist job can be a very stressful job due to the duties that are required of you.  That stress is very rewarding however when you witness the way the company runs so smoothly because of you doing your job correctly.

If you are lucky enough to get a receptionist job for a really great company then that's a job to hold on to and make a career.  Truth is, some people use receptionist work as a stepping stone to better jobs, but if you find the right receptionist job you won't need to look for a new career in your lifetime.


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