How To Get Secretary Jobs

People looking to improve career options will ask how to get secretary jobs.  The answer to the question is more complicated than many people realize because secretarial work can be generalized, or specialized.

Consider Current Skill Levels

When considering what it takes to acquire secretarial positions you have to start with a self-evaluation.  What skills, abilities, and experience do you already possess?  Have you worked in an office as a receptionist and want to move into an administrative position?  If you have no experience as a secretary, what skills, training, and experience will you need to be acquired to qualify for a position?  What office and computer skills do you bring to the position whether you have worked as a secretary or not?

Training Options

Once skills have been evaluated, consider what training options are required to enhance your ability to get a secretarial position.  If you have no experience consider what financial resources and time, you are willing to devote to getting those skills.  Generally, you have more options for employment with better training and skills.  However, some choose to get some training and continuing education after getting employed.

Getting Experience

Experience is highly valued, but can be hard to obtain.  For those who have never been a secretary, consider opportunities that allow you to build references.  Temporary agencies can be a good place to build experiences and gain references that will enable one to get a permanent secretarial position.  Employers sometimes will hire permanent employees who have worked as temporary employees.

For those who have experience in a lower position, try to get opportunities to take on more challenging work and document your accomplishments.  While this may not translate into more money or advancement at that company, it can be used to advance to a full secretarial position at another company.  When an applicant can demonstrate education and an ability to take on additional tasks at a previous position, it can be a plus for future employers.

Finding Jobs

Presentation is important.  Get help writing a professional resume and cover letter.  Edit and format it correctly.  Find assistance with this task if necessary.  Review the vocabulary that is specific to the position being applied for to be able to speak with intelligence.  If applying for a medical secretary’s position, you should have the appropriate training for that field.  Not all secretarial positions require special training, but employers do appreciate knowledgeable employees.  A secretary needs to be able to communicate with the employees in the area the assignment covers.  Learning the basic vocabulary can make that easier to get secretary jobs.


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