Growing Career Options: 10 Careers In Cannabis to Look Out For

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The increase in cannabis employment isn't the only good news that has come out of its mainstream popularity. It also has an average salary that is 11% higher than other jobs in the U.S. at $58,511. 

If you have relatable skills or knowledge of cannabis then there is a wide range of jobs that you can make a real career out of. 

Read on to find the top 10 careers in cannabis to consider.

1. Edible Chef

Some cannabis careers are easily transferable as if you are already in the food industry. Use your skills as a chef to start your own business as a baker or work as a chef making cannabis cuisine.

You will first need to learn how to integrate cannabis into your food. Various strains, dosages, and flavors need experimentation in order to make food tasty. So, special training may be required to be fully qualified for this career. 

2. Budtender

If you have expert knowledge in cannabis and you like to work with customers than try weed careers like a budtender. 

Budtenders are the front lines of the dispensary scene who can explain a strain's flavor, effects, and potency without hesitation. You can think of them as the cannabis concierge of the sales team.

Lack of cannabis knowledge can be compensated by experience in sales and customer service. Just be prepared to do extensive research before your first day on the job. 

3. Harvester/Trimmer

You may have a passion for the cannabis plant and love to work with your hands. So how to get a job in the cannabis industry that satisfies your desires?

Working as a harvester or trimmer is always in demand as it takes tedious work that can only be completed by someone as passionate as you. 

While the work may be physically strenuous, it can be rewarding if you prefer to be on your feet. It also doesn't require any prior experience, so your passion is enough to get you hired in most cases. 

4. Dispensary Manager

A background as a retail supervisor will help you make the transition to a dispensary manager. However, deep knowledge about the cannabis supply chain will make your job much easier. 

You will have to communicate with license and permit inspectors, distribution warehouses, vendors, financial institutions, and property managers. In addition, you need to monitor and direct the staff as well as manage payroll.

This job is a huge responsibility. Without a strong manager, a dispensary could lose its license and sales. 

5. Delivery Person

More weed jobs are becoming mobile as online sales and delivery options become more popular. 

Use a bike or a vehicle to deliver products directly to the customer as a cannabis delivery person. They act as a traveling budtender for recreational cannabis or a professional consultant for medicinal patients. 

You can also be a delivery driver for transportation services. Use an armored truck from a courier company to transport products from the cultivator to the dispensary.

Background checks and prior experience may be needed for this type of position.

6. Concentrate Extractor

This career is highly-skilled and might require a degree in chemistry as well as lengthy experience in a cannabis lab.

If you have a passion for science and cannabis then the time it takes to become a concentrate extractor might be well worth the journey.

You will have the delicate and important job of turning the whole bud into extracted cannabinoids used for products like tinctures, edibles, oils, and pure concentrates.  

7. Grower

When it comes to careers in marijuana a grower might be the most important. This is where the product is created. It takes time and patience as well as a nurturing spirit to grow good cannabis. 

Be aware that illegal home-growing prior to legalization can't be used as experience. So, you may need to start at the bottom in an apprenticeship program or as a trimmer.

Then slowly graduate to a master grower who is in charge of millions of dollars worth of plants. This responsibility is well compensated upward to $150,000 for large companies. 

8. Writer/Designer

Informing the public of cannabis news and products is a large part of the industry. As a writer, you can write blog posts for dispensary websites or copy for product descriptions.

Use your talents to research the latest trends or market new companies online. You can even manage an entire web site, from design to content. 

The creative world of cannabis is filled with careers that account for freelance and contract work as well. 

9. Security Guard

The cannabis industry has a cash problem that requires much-needed security. Many corporate banks still refuse to offer or maintain cannabis accounts due to its illegal federal standing. 

This means cannabis needs security for its cash and crops. Their high value and popularity make them desirable to thieves. 

Experience in security is usually a plus, but training can be offered for the right candidate. 

10. Consultant 

If you have had many jobs in the cannabis industry already and feel like you can help others with your knowledge, then a consultant position might be your next step. 

Some consultants have a speciality to help dispensaries acquire permits and licenses, direct their accounting and payroll departments, and even help with obtaining a store location. 

How to Find Careers in Cannabis

Now that you know all the careers in cannabis available, how do you find them? There are many cannabis job boards and even recruitment agencies in this niche. Even regular career web sites include cannabis jobs.

Start your search by visiting our Careers section for assistance. 


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