Heading to Court? How to Hire an Attorney That Will Win Your Case

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Going to court can be extremely intimidating. But with the help of a skilled attorney, the process is somewhat easier to deal with. Yet if you've never worked with an attorney before, you likely have no idea how to find a good one.

If you're in this situation, keep reading.

Because in this post, we're going to explore how to hire an attorney that will help you win your case. Use what you learn and you'll feel better about taking on a court case, even if you had little to no experience with going to court.

Let's begin!

Understand Your Case

Before you dive into finding an attorney that can provide legal advice, you must first take a moment to understand your case. When you know what your case involves and the kind of outcome you're after, it'll be easier to find the right attorney for your needs.

Consider what kind of law this case falls under. Also, think about what the actual problem is and how you want to solve the problem.

To help you develop clarity, it helps to write this down. You don't need to write an essay here, as a few lines will be more than enough.

Determine Your Budget

Attorneys can have a reputation for being expensive to work with. This is often true, but isn't always the case. Still, it's important you know what you can afford to pay. This will help you narrow down the range of attorneys you can work with.

When working with an attorney you'll find that there are many ways you can pay for their services, as detailed below.

Hourly Rates

This kind of fee is generally charged when an attorney is dealing with cases that are of an unpredictable nature.

This might relate to unusual disputes, for example. Or perhaps a situation related to 'wrongful termination' where things can become challenging.

If an attorney is proposing this rate, make sure you let them know what you can afford. When you do this, the attorney might be willing to adjust their hourly rate, to help make things more affordable for you.

Alternately, they may take a straightforward approach and tell you that you should work with someone else as you can't afford their services.

Flat Fees

Fees are usually charged in this way if the situation is relatively predictable.

An example might include setting up a business or doing the paperwork for a real estate transaction. For someone who's on a budget, a flat fee can seem appealing. You'll know exactly what your costs are going to be and what you need to put aside.

Yet if the case is unpredictable, you'll struggle to find an attorney who is going to be willing to adopt a flat fee approach.

Some might be willing to take this approach, but there's a risk.

If the case goes on for a long period of time, the attorney might lose interest because they're only earning a small amount to fight the case. This could potentially hurt the outcome of the case. The lawyer may be less interested in working on a case that's providing them very little financial return on investment.

Contingency Fees

If you've seen adverts by attorneys, you likely have some knowledge of what this is. It's is often used in relation to road and personal injury accidents. Lawyers may use the contingent fee structure in other situations too, though.

When you're charged in this manner, you'll only have to pay if the attorney is successful. If you take this approach, make sure you're aware of all the costs involved. Sometimes you might still have to pay fees outside of the attorney's fees. What you pay is going to depend on the case in question, so be sure to do your due diligence.

If you find an attorney that offers this kind of fee structure, consider asking them what they might charge you on an hourly basis.

You should also ask them the odds of winning your case and how much you stand to receive. If the case is successful, you may end up having to pay less, if you take the hourly approach. But remember if you lose, you'll still need to pay the fees of the attorney. Something you wouldn't have to do with the contingency approach.

Find a Subject Matter Expert

If you want to improve the odds of winning your court case, it helps to find someone that has experience fighting cases like yours.

When you work with a lawyer that's a specialist it can help you feel a lot more confident about how the case is going to go. Especially if the attorney in question has helped people like you, win their cases.

It's worth mentioning that experts can sometimes cost a bit more to work with. But then again, there's a better chance of you recouping legal fees if you work with someone that's an expert.

Finding an expert can be tricky. If you already have some meetings planned with 'generic' attorneys, you might ask them if they know of anyone that has expertise related to your case.

Or, you might want to perform an internet search. For instance, imagine that a road traffic accident involving a bus has affected you.

There are many law firms that can help you with this. But you can improve the odds of success by working with a bus accident lawyer. You can find such an individual by typing this term into Google.

When working with experts, you may need to work with someone that is not local to you. So make sure you factor in travel expenses if this is the case. But again, these costs might all be worth paying if the expert can improve the odds of you winning your case.

Do Your Due Diligence

If you're thinking about working with a particular attorney, make sure you do some due diligence first. This can protect you from working with someone that is unable to back up their 'sales pitch.'

You want to check if they have any testimonials on offer. These testimonials can give you a chance to learn more about the experience of past clients. In an ideal situation, you'd like to find some testimonials from people that dealt with the same things as you.

During this process, you may also want to ask the attorney about their process. This'll help provide some insight into what you can expect throughout this whole process.

You also want to pay attention to how the attorney is treating you.

You need to be sure that you feel like you can trust this attorney. Consider how you feel during conversations with them. Do they stick to their word when they tell you they're going to do something? For instance, if they tell you they're going to call you back, do they?

You should also review the amount they're going to be charging you. If the price is very low, make sure you know why it's so low. You don't want the attorney to cut any corners when dealing with your case. You also want to make sure the case is going to demand enough attention from the attorney too.

If for any reason you don't feel comfortable working with an attorney, it can be best to choose someone else. Dealing with legal matters can be extremely stressful. You don't want your attorney to make things even more difficult for you.

Get a Letter of Engagement

Once you've found an attorney that looks as though they'd be a good fit for you, think about getting a 'letter of engagement.'

The letter of engagement will help detail everything that the attorney should do for you. It will also detail the kinds of expenses you will face if you work with the attorney in question.

Taking this step is important as it will establish the 'attorney-client' relationship. It will also help resolve any disputes, should any issues come about later on down the line.

Do You Know How to Hire an Attorney?

Hiring an attorney is essential if you want to improve the odds of winning your court case. Yet for those that have never had to work with an attorney, finding a good one can seem like an impossible task.

In this post, we've explored how to hire an attorney. You need to make sure you're aware of what you need help with. You also want to gain some clarity on your budget. If you can, think about working with someone that's an expert.

Due diligence is also important. You want to be sure you can work with this person, during this stressful period of your life. If you don't feel like you can, there's nothing wrong with starting the process over again and finding someone you do feel comfortable working with.

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