How To Get Helicopter Maintenance Jobs

If you are inclined towards engineering, mechanics and transportation related jobs, why not pursue a career in helicopter maintenance? This is certainly a rewarding profession. A helicopter mechanic’s salary range could go between $4,166 to $5,063 monthly. Here issome basic information that would help you out if you want to know more about helicopter maintenance jobs:

The job responsibilities

What specifically does a job in helicopter maintenance entail? Generally, of course, a helicopter mechanic would be in charge of inspecting, repairing and maintaining helicopters, its structures and supporting equipment. In addition, he should know how to calibrate and adjust aircraft systems, including the rotor, rigs and tracks. He should also know how to efficiently maintain inspection and inventories records, and to store and prepare aircraft for shipment and storage. He is also in charge of ensuring that all safety standards are being complied with, and also in interpreting inspection records to further improve maintenance effectiveness.

Required skills and educational background

Though strictly speaking, a high school level of education is the only educational requirement to be a helicopter mechanic, a person needs to have at least basic relevant training and knowledge in order to gain entry in this field. Therefore it is preferable that one acquires formal training in such fields as electrical theory, aircraft mechanical principles, flight theory, aircraft supply procedures, hydraulic principles, helicopter maintenance directives, among others. One should also have knowledge on servicing specific plane types and makes, such as how to repair and maintain an r22 helicopter.

To gain these skills, it is preferable that an aspiring helicopter mechanic would have completed courses in hydraulics, electronics, mechanics and physics. He should have good foundations in theories of operation and repair of helicopter engines, transmissions and fuel systems and components.

Training schools and certification

One may receive formal training from technical schools that offer courses and programs in aviation and helicopter mechanics. The school one should enroll in must be an FAA licensed aviation school. Relevant programs would include avionics programs, helicopter mechanic training programs or aviation maintenance technology. Costs of education would typically be about $177 to $121 per credit hour. To be able to work unsupervised, as well as to have the chance of promotion, one should be certified in helicopter maintenance by the FAA.

Different career tracks

If you are a certified helicopter mechanic, you have different career track options. These options would include aerospace maintenance, airline maintenance, avionics maintenance and helicopter repair. You could choose to work with the government (under state or federal branches – one option is to be with the US Air National Guard or the US Air force) or with private air transportation companies. You could also work at airports or flying schools.

In essence, a helicopter repairman must be inclined towards working with highly specialized technical equipment, and towards the fields of engineering and mechanics. So if you’re the type of person who fits that bill – plus, you just can’t stand to work in a cubbyhole 9 to 5, then why not consider a job in helicopter maintenance? Good luck!


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