How To Accept a Job Interview

There are many steps involved with obtaining desirable employment, and among these it is necessary to learn how to accept a job interview.  What many candidates fail to realize is that a company's selection process starts from the point that an application is initially filed.  A potential future employee's actions, including the ones before the actual job interview, are carefully evaluated.  To avoid critical mistakes, you should follow these best practices when accepting a job interview.

An applicant is often excited when they receive a phone call requesting an interview, but it is important to seem eager and not desperate.  You may intend to sound flexible when offering to accept a job interview at the convenience of the future employer.  However, you run the risk of appearing to be lazy and unmotivated if you state that you are available anytime.  An improved response would indicate that you are very busy dealing with other options as well, but that the job interview is a top priority and preference will be given in scheduling.  Although it may seem like a small difference, the truth is that interviewers are constantly considering a number of angles.

You should also be very careful about the nature of any questions you decide to ask before an interview.  While an employer will often give a person the chance to ask several questions before accepting the interview, it is important to note that inappropriate questioning may destroy candidacy.  You should be hesitant to ask about the pay and other specifics of the job, or it may seem that is all that you truly care about.  Such questions are much more appropriate during the actual interview.

One of the most important ways to increase the chance for success is to accept a job interview graciously.  Once the interview has been set, it is never a bad idea to send a thank you card for the opportunity.  It is also advisable to send such a card after the interview thanking the employer for their time.  Candidates that show their appreciation often seem much more professional and organized.

Accepting a job interview is a commitment to show up on time, so you should never schedule anything that may conflict with your appointment.  If you have no intention of actually showing up for the interview, then you should gracefully decline the offer so as not to burn any bridges unnecessarily and waste time.

Gaining desirable employment is often a multi-stage process and requires a great deal of thought and consideration in order to be successful.  Learning how to accept a job interview can greatly improve the entire process and can perhaps make it easier to obtain that dream position.  There are many important steps and none of them are more necessary than the others, but accepting a job interview appropriately is definitely a major key to success.


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