How To Accomplish Long Term Goals

So, you listed your goals and have created a time frame with which to achieve them. But the problem is – months have passed and you seem to have not attained anything.

Accomplishing your long term goals entails a lot of work and focus. It is not like – you draw your plans today and expect them to come true tomorrow. Time, effort and money are the first three elements of success. The fourth and most important one is – focus. Learn how you can realize your goals by reading on.

  • Keep a small notepad where you can write down your plans and goals. As you sit down and mull things over, write down any plan that comes to your mind.
  • Next, classify the goals you have written. Separate the short term from the long term goals. The short term goals are easily attained. In fact you can do them tomorrow. Examples of these short term goals are: fashion make-over, house cleaning, house repairs, budget plan and so on. On the other hand, long term goals include: savings, career moves, travel, relocation, new business and purchase of real property.
  • Sift your goals. This means you have to weed out the goals that are not achievable. It may not be impossible to climb the Great Wall of China, but if you think your circumstances and resources will not allow you to visit the place even in the distant future, strike it out from your list.
  • Focus on one goal at a time. While multi-tasking is the trend these days, it does not successfully apply to long term goals. Attempting to achieve so much in so little time will only overwhelm and frustrate you. So, focus on the most immediate and easiest long term goal at hand.
  • Plan what to do in order to achieve your goals. Write down your resources. Make your own projection on how much time you need to devote in working for them. You can actually split one goal into sub-goals. Allot a particular time of the day or week for them so that gradually, you will be able to reach your targets.
  • Set your own deadlines for each sub-goal. Make sure you meet these deadlines without fail. Never give grace periods for any deadline, except when it is very necessary and inevitable.
  • Concentrate on your goals and do not allow distractions or disturbances to get in the way. Avoid engaging in lazy talks and other unproductive activities that will mar your goals.
  • Indulge in leisure now and then but make sure you do not neglect your goals. There are times when you just have to drop everything and go for a much needed vacation. In doing so, your goals are shoved in the background. But do not let these breaks deter you from achieving your goals. As soon as vacation is over, immediately resume working for your goals.
  • Give room for errors. Do not be so rigid as to not allow any margin of error in the attaining of your goals. When something does not work, have a second or third plan coming up.

Accomplishing long term goals can take long months or years. Patience is one vital factor that can propel you to success. A positive attitude also helps a lot. Good luck and congratulations in advance!


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