How To Ace a Finance Interview

Acing your finance interview is something that can be achieved if you prepare the right way.  By arriving at a finance interview properly prepared, you will be able to distinguish yourself from the competition and ace your interview.  

The key elements in your preparation should include a thorough knowledge of your company and the financial tools that will be required of you in the position that you are applying for, a well written resume that you know by heart, and proper presentation. 

Before your interview you must research your company and the particular niche within the financial industry that your company operates in.  You should also be aware of the current state of the financial markets, with special attention paid to your particular sector.  All this information can be found online at the company's website and by searching for financial information sites.  In addition, you must be well-versed in any financial tools or techniques that will be required of you in your new job.  These skills are mentioned in the job description when you apply for the job and can also be learned online by searching for the technique or related formula.


A well written resume is an essential part of landing any finance interview.  Your resume should contain all pertinent information about your education and experience (professional and volunteer).  This information should be organized in a clear and coherent format.  If you don't have a format already, you can simply search for "finance resumes" and use any format that you find and think would be most appropriate.  As always you want to emphasize your strengths and whatever skills you think would be most sought after by the interviewer.  Once you have finished your resume, spend at least a few hours going over it and making sure you can elaborate on everything that is on it.  Be concise and limit it to one page.

First impressions are very important, especially in finance interviews.  That is why you want to make sure your presentation is as near perfect as possible.  Attire should always be formal: Black or blue suit, white shirt, conservative tie for men, and shiny black shoes.  Make sure everything is dry-cleaned.  No exceptions.

Before the interview, make sure that you eat something small and drink enough water as eating is unthinkable in the interview.  No chewing gum or eating candy either.

Lastly, you want to rehearse any questions that you anticipate the interviewer may ask so that you appear calm and confident in the actual interview.  Have at least three good questions to ask the interviewer about his company, his industry, or even your job.  If you're able to balance your answers with a combination of real-life experience and information you've learned in your accounting courses, that's always a plus.

Arrive at the location early and breathe easy: you are about to ace your finance interview.


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