How To Ace Modeling Go Sees

A Go-See, for those who are new to the modeling business, is when a model candidate goes to see a firm interested in hiring new talent.

(For history, your author would like to inform that he has encountered no single origin for this title, but many models have speculated the name’s simplicity reflects the nature of employment. That is, as a model, one is required to rely on beauty; the rest, agents can handle.)

Although some models prefer freelance work, by and large, most require an agent to arrange for interviews and technical aspects of the hiring process. Thus, the first step often requires that the model communicate with their agent, requesting a search for hiring opportunities. Agents provide their model with the date, time, and information regarding assignments.

Prior to the search process, a model will want to have three of the following items: a portfolio complete with professional photographs, a resume with modeling history (if any), and composite cards featuring one of the model’s best shots with name and contact information.

Concerning appearances, the model should wear moderate dress clothes. For female models, it is advisable to bring a pair of flats and heels, as the agency may call for a formal example in addition to typical ways of dress. Furthermore, a model is advised let their natural look radiate. This means one ought to avoid dressing in anything showy or distracting. Even makeup should be worn lightly, particularly around the eyes.

A model will benefit from applying as little sass, attitude, and personality as possible to their interviewer. Let only the natural features shine forth.

In regards to the interview itself, the modeling candidate should plan their day so that it allows them to appear at least ten minutes early. Always arrive early to appear more professional. Being fashionably late could result in an unfashionable disaster if the agency feels you are being indecorous to their schedule.

Upon arriving at the interview, despite promptitude, a model should be prepared to wait for an indefinite period of time as they may be among dozens of other candidates. If the model enjoys reading, bringing a book is recommended. Remember, as a candidate, one should abstain from being too social with the other models in waiting. Models are not being interviewed for their ability to gab (networking outside interviews is recommended).

Finally, many have noted that interviewers have dominating, even rude personalities – however, it is advisable that the modeling candidate takes no offence from their behavior; members of the fashion industry are specialists in appearance, not tact.

The rest is in the hands of the candidate’s determination. As a modeling candidate, one must allow themselves room for a few discouraging starts. Learning from your initial mistakes can be a great way to plan for future success – good luck!


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