How To Acquire a Paint Contractor License

Do you want to be a paint contractor? If your answer is yes, you have to apply for a contractor's license for painting. This application for license will help you obtain more business ventures because most clients prefer licensed paint contractors. Here is how to get a paint contractor license:

  1. Work under a recognized contractor for about one to two years. The number of years that you are going to stay with the contractor will determine the kind of license you will attain. As a paint contractor, your duties are as follows: Prepare and paint interior building facades as well as exterior Happy painters at worksurfaces, and supervise others in the same work. Keep in mind that a paint contractor with a year of experience can obtain a C-34 residential license for a paint contractor. Some places like Arizona necessitates experience with commercial buildings and a minimum of two years experience. In addition to this, paint contractors are given dual license upon meeting the requirements such as experience in both commercial as well as residential contracts.
  2. Obtain a business license. Submit all of the following requirements: application for paint contractor license and forms such as bonding as well as fees and tax registration. Other forms include examination application. Another form to comply is the qualifying experience form. This form pertains to the list of the experiences of the applicant. It is a list of the work finished by the applicant with the verifying signature of each interior contractor or exterior contractor. When it comes to fees, painter contractor for residential painters is required to pay $320 as an application fee. The applicants are also required to join the recovery fund and pay $450. The applicants may also tag a consumer bond. On the other hand, the application fee for the commercial paint category is $645. The application fee does not equate consumer bonding posts. Some states also seek financial statements. Other sectors also require proof of identification for his company's legal existence.
  3. Register in the testing agency and pay the testing fee. Wait for the schedule of your examination. These examinations are given in different locations. Residential paint contractors are going to take examinations covering the following areas: construction project supervision, paint estimate, and laws applying to paint contractors. On the other hand, commercial contractors must pass the examinations covering areas that apply to their field. Questions will bounce within the following topics: paint bidding, preparing surface as well as wallpaper and painting for different environments. Pass the examination. They use software so as the results of the examinations are readily printed as copies of the applicants.
  4. Finalize the paint contractor license application. Submit the result of the examination to the Registrar for Contractors. Wait for the forty days evaluation. Missing elements in your application will be notified to you. Once your application is reviewed wait for twenty days. They will send you a denial or a licensing through post.

If you still need more help you may visit online magazines, forums, and sites about the topic. What are you waiting for? Get your paint contractor license now!


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