How To Act when You Become a Colleague's Boss

A promotion is always a good thing. But before you accept it, you should make sure you are ready for the cons. Once you become the boss, many will change in your work life. Your relationship with your co-workers will never be the same again. Remember, you are the boss now and you have to set boundaries. Changes can be a little intimidating for your former colleagues. But with enough knowledge, you can make these changes work for all of you well.

Everything will change once you are already the boss. Here are some tips to follow when dealing with your former colleagues:

  • Set boundaries. You can’t go to a weekend drink with James anymore. Spending your after-work weekend with only one person or two will cause jealousy. You don’t want other people in your team to think that you favor your former colleagues more. After-work hanging out is still permissible. But now that you are the boss, this should now be a group activity. Invite everyone in the team and never allow that only one or two will hang out with you.
  • Criticisms are normal. The big change will make your former colleagues think that you’ve changed a lot. Well, that’s part of the game. It’s normal for people to think that you’ve changed because you really have to change your relationship with them. Just don’t mind them and continue with what you have to do as the boss. Being trapped to their criticism will only affect you and your team negatively.
  • Be humble and professional. Being the new boss will entice you for a power trip. Never do that because your team will lose respect for you. Instead, act professionally. If there are things that have to be corrected, then tell your team what to do. Demanding is part of your job because you are the boss. But when doing this, never treat them indifferently. Demand in a nice way.

Every boss wants to be a good boss. It takes effort and lots of sacrifices before you can get the “Good Boss” award. Here are the qualities you have to learn to be a good boss that your former colleagues will surely be proud of:

  • A leader. Being a good leader means you are able to delegate tasks that your team can work on well. You know how to get things done to maximize productivity. You know how to give clear instructions and is firm with your every decision.
  • Optimist. You are your team’s ultimate source of energy. If you run out of positive energy, your team will lose its inspiration. So, you should be the last to give up and be the first one to motivate everyone.
  • Punctual. How can you demand your team to be on time if you are always late? Set as a good example by being punctual in everything.
  • Considerate. You are the boss but that doesn’t mean you should be Hitler. Be fair, humane, and learn how to listen.
  • Good communicator. As the boss, you should know how to explain well to your team in a manner that they will understand.

You have a long way to go to be the greatest boss in the whole world. What’s important now is that you are willing to learn how to be a good boss to your former colleagues.


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