How To Answer Interview Questions About a Manager's Qualities

How many of us have attended interviews and come away feeling ‘Oh, I could have answered that question better'? An interview is the opening of a door to new frontiers and as such you do not want to be caught off guard and want to be prepared as much as possible. Questions change depending on the position and skill looked for and the relevant industry. Not every interview question can be anticipated, but some questions are almost always sure to be present in interviews for executive positions.

One such question usually anticipated is "What are the qualities that you would deem necessary in a good manager"?

A manager is a leader who takes his team along on a journey of achievement of a shared vision. A manager should be a motivator as the team is an essential part of his management. He should ensure that the team and he shares the same vision of a goal as defined by the organization; the goal is broken into individual parts for each member of the team to measure success and then ensure that this team is driven towards their goal most efficiently and successfully.

The aspects that should stand out in your response to this question should be:

  • Results and consistent achievement
  • Shared vision with the team

A good manager attracts good talent and will have no or low employee turnover. However a manager will make the most of the different personalities and skill sets in his team. A good manager will not be constrained by the disparity of characteristics, but will turn them to his advantage by making best use of this.

A manager also will use his strengths to great advantage and will work on his weaknesses and build skill sets to overcome them or lessen their negative impact.

Good managers will have the team looking up to them for inspiration and guidance when faced with difficulties. Good managers look upon difficulties and obstacles as challenges to overcome and learn from. Good managers will be able to guide the team and create a productive work environment.

Good managers face challenges in their work areas and one of the biggest challenges faced by them in modern times is the achievement of their objectives within the given resources of finance, people and time.

Once you have shared, in your words, these aspects of managerial qualities, it would be a good idea to touch upon the lives of certain good leaders and managers whom you admire.

To sum it up, a good manager is not defined by a set of specific qualities, but someone who inspires and mentors a team who also possess a diverse set of characteristics; but at the same time, shares the same motivation to achieve this shared vision.

So awake that leader in you, nurture and guide towards that point where you are an inspiration yourself!


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