How To Answer Key Interview Questions

Success! You just received a notice that you are scheduled for an interview. Does it mean that you are considered hired? No. It means you have a good chance to be hired. And you better not blow this chance. All you need to do is to ace the interview and handle the questions efficiently like real professional. Remember that long and winding answers or replies are not that effective. Know some of the tips to successfully answer key interview questions.

  • Know the four basic components of answering key interview questions:
    • Prepare in advance.
    • Give brief, concise and specific answers that must not exceed a minute.
    • Demonstrate the abilities to effectively perform the task at hand.
    • Exhibit the personality traits of the perfect worker.
  • Make an advance preparation. Rehearse your answers days before the date of the interview. This will give you enough time to be confident and be natural in answering. Know the interview key questions/instruction with corresponding answers:
    • Tell more about yourself. With this instruction, offer the interviewer a “1-Minute Sell” of yourself. This is a memorized statement summarizing your skills, talents, strengths and experiences. Also include here the reason(s) why you’re qualified for the job, why you’ll succeed in the position, why you want the job and why does the company need to hire you.
    • Why decide to resign in your previous job? Honestly tell the interviewer that you want growth opportunities or more challenge to maximize your full strengths and abilities, allowing you to make larger contributions.
    • What’s your utmost weakness? Be humorous in answering this question like, “Just don’t let me repair the air-conditioning unit…” and then laugh. Deliver a humorous answer that has no negative effect on the employment decision, and that stress a significant skill. Like for example, if the job vacancy requires superb computer skills in the Office software, you might say: “I have superb computer skills. I know very well how to use Word and Excel, but I honestly tell you that I’m weak when it comes to computer programming. Nevertheless, I am willing to train to improve my programming skills should the company need one.” This answer strengthens your key selling point – your superb computer skills.    
  • Be honest and professional. Show your confidence in speaking but never over exaggerate any of your accomplishment even yourself. Observe eye contact to show that you’re comfortable communicating to people and that you’re saying the truth.   
  • Be yourself. More than anything else, the key to a successful job interview is simply to be who you are. Relax and ease out tension prior to answering any key questions. Have a positive outlook and concentrate on the task that you’re dealing with at the moment. There’s really no need for you to engage into deep discussion if you don’t want to. This is your time to really shine above the rest of the applicants and to take the career you’ve been wanting from the start.

Follow these tips to answer key interview questions professionally and soon you’ll get the dream job of your life.


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