How To Answer the Interview Question "Why Should I Hire You?"

You can never be sure of all of the questions you'll be asked during a job interview, but chances are pretty good that you'll be asked about your qualifications. When an employer asks the interview question ‘why should I hire you?', he wants to know what makes you a better candidate than all of the other applicants. Ace this interview question by following this guide on how to answer the question ‘why should I hire you?'.

Step 1

Mention your strongest (applicable) skills. The first thing you need to mention when you are answering the interview question ‘why should I hire you?' is how skilled you are. Mention relevant skills you have the will benefit the company. (You always want to phrase your interview answers in a way that makes you sound beneficial to the company.) Do you research to find out what skills are valued at the company by looking online, asking other employees, and re-reading the job posting. Here are a few suggested skills to mention:

  • trained equipment operator
  • computer skills
  • past experience doing the same job
  • other relevant training

Step 2

Talk about what you can do for the company. Next, tell the employer specifically why the company will benefit from hiring you. What can you do that will improve business for this company? To help you answer this, it's a good idea to have the job description in the back of your mind, so that you can remember all of the specific qualities and responsibilities the ideal candidate would have. Try to relate your answers to the job description. You may also want to consider looking at recent media or press releases about the company. Find problems or solutions that the company has recently come across and discuss how you could help them to solve their problems or continue to find better solutions. Here are a few suggestions to help you answer the question ‘why should I hire you' that relate to specific contributions you can make:

  • strong leader, driven to succeed
  • apply past experience to take company to higher levels of success (give example)
  • knowledge in areas company hasn't yet expanded to

Step 3

Discuss your background. Finish off your answer to ‘why should I hire you?' by summarizing any other relevant aspects of your background. Mention your formal education and training, and other specific experience you have that can be applied to this job. Make sure you mention unique training that may set you apart from other candidates. (Employers love new employees that already come trained!) Don't make the assumption that the interviewer has read your résumé. Highlight everything about you that makes you the ideal candidate for the job. That's the best approach to answering the interview question ‘why should I hire you?'.


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