How To Apply for a Teacher Position

Being a teacher is one of the most important jobs worldwide.  Pursuing this kind of career can be tedious and exhausting especially when all schools that you have applied to seem to turn you down.  The problem may lie in the way you fulfill your application requirements.  It is also essential to know the right attitude.  Here's a guide on how to properly apply for a teacher position.  If followed correctly, this will guarantee you a successful application, wherever you may go.

  1. Update your resume.  Make sure your resume is professional and very clear.  Avoid being verbose, it should be concise and straightforward.  State all your educational jobs, your specialties and experiences.
  2. Create a cover letter.  The letter should contain your purpose and what position you are interested in.  Be specific with your intentions and make sure the letter reflects your personality and confidence. 
  3. Obtain at least three letters of reference.  This is extremely vital as this will help you become more credible.  Notify your former employer and colleagues to send you a reference letter before you start applying to different schools.
  4. Prepare all your supporting documents.  Make sure that your transcript of records and academic certifications are all ready.  You will be needing to submit copies of these to back up your resume. 
  5. Search for job openings to different schools.  You can do this by going online and search for it in the Internet.  You will be surprised on the amount of vacancies that are posted.  Make a list of the schools you are interested in and write their contact information.
  6. Call the school and inquire about their job vacancy.  This will make sure that the position is still open.  Ask them how to apply for that job.  Most of them would ask you to fill up an application form online while some will ask you to go to their office and fill it up personally.
  7. Prepare for the interview.  Once you are done with the application form, they will schedule you for an interview.  First impression lasts so be very careful on the way you look and the way you speak.  Excellent communication skills matched with confidence and professionalism would show that you are right for the job.
  8. They will then make a background check if all your documents are true and legit.  Once they have proved that you are what you say you are, you will then get a call for an oral teaching evaluation.  This means that you will be teaching a group of teachers or students while being evaluated. 
  9. Wait for your notification. If they are pleased with the results, you will be notified that you are qualified for the job and will ask when you can start.

Knowing what you want makes getting it quite easier.  As long as you know your goals and you have patience and determination, all obstacles that you may encounter will not matter.  This will become a great experience once you have surpassed this application ordeal.  So good luck and live your dream to become the best teacher you can ever be!


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