Applying for Civilian Jobs in Iraq: Middle East Jobs

Access Sites to Find Work in Iraq, Learn the Types of Jobs Available, and Required Training

One key way to learn how to apply for civilian jobs in Iraq is to go through the Department of Defense website.  

If you want to be a truck driver delivering Coca-Cola in cases to our troops that can still be done; if you'd like to transfer towels made by KBR to deliver to our troops so they can wash their hands and face, that can still be done.  The need for truck drivers of all kinds in Iraq cannot be understated.

Truck delivery driver at workThe State Department website
also offers a listing of available civilian jobs in Iraq and jobs in the Middle East.  Their website has a wealth of information regarding these positions, including lists of who exactly qualifies for certain jobs in Iraq; they also lay out important considerations, such as who exactly would be a beneficiary if something were to happen to you while you're stationed in Iraq.  Obviously, life insurance policies can be important with jobs in the Middle East. 

Their website also talks about how important things such as the Family and Medical Leave Act can be for a person who, for example, has a sick child while doing civilian work in Iraq.  The Family and Medical Leave Act also covers situations dealing with the birth of a child and any paternity leave that may be associated with the birth. You can also find information regarding the holidays a federal employee who is working in Iraq is able to request off. 

One thing to note about becoming a civilian employee in Iraq is how much the focus is upon the training once you get there, and what exactly you can expect when you get to Iraq.  Some civilian jobs in Iraq do require overtime.  These overtime benefits, of course do have caps on them as governed by statute.  There are also things such as retirement benefits and special savings plans that can be accessible to federal employees such as civilian workers through the State Department in Iraq.

If you have a flair for journalistic efforts and have the appropriate qualifications, you can always find Middle East jobs, such as become a photojournalist in Iraq; people are often yearning for information on what exactly the war effort looks like over there.  Magazines and television news organizations very well may be willing to hire you in these situations.


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