How To Apply for Contract Work in Iraq

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After Iraq was ravaged by several wars for the past few decades, it seems as though it will be next to impossible to find a decent job in this country. Unfortunately for those who believe that this is the case, actually now is the high time to apply for contract work in Iraq. Why is this so? Well, simply because Iraq is currently under the process of reconstruction after those conflicts. Reconstruction means jobs, and the people of that country won’t be enough to help her stand on her two feet again. Hence, there is a need for contractual workers living outside the country. Here are some few tips on how to apply for contractual work in Iraq:

  1. Evaluate your situation. You should evaluate your current situation. Questions like how much salary do you expect, the skills and expertise that you possess, and whether your family, if you are married, are affirmative of your decision, should all be taken into account. A contract work in Iraq could be challenging not because there are still periodic armed conflicts in certain remote provinces of the said country but because you will be gone away from your family and loved ones for a while.
  2. Searching for jobs. You can visit some known recruiting companies within or near your place that allow for contract works in Iraq. You have to be careful not to fall on certain illegal recruiters because this will only cost you too much without actually getting a job. On the other hand, you can browse through the web for common job portals like Yahoo Hotjobs, Danger Zone jobs or These sites will provide you complete lists of job openings in Iraq that you can go into. There is a wide range of jobs where you can apply in this country. This includes truck drivers and construction workers to security officers and administrative personnel. One best way of getting a contract job in Iraq is through networking. You will likely land yourself a job in this country if you know someone who worked or has been working in this country. This will give you better chances for that person could guide on your application process.
  3. Prepare the necessary documents. Applying for a contract work is much similar to how you apply for jobs in the United States. You will be required to prepare a letter of application, a polished resume along with documentations of your job experiences, and documents like passports and visa. The application process for overseas work also requires a thorough security background check.

Contract workers in Iraq are well paid with higher salaries than those working in the United States and some other countries. This is the reason why many are easily attracted to the prospects of working on the said country. However, if you decide to work in Iraq, you have to look for and apply for several positions or jobs to increase your odds of being hired. The application entails a thorough process and you will be required to undergo certain skills tests and such to ensure that you are qualified and fitted for the job you are applying.


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