How To Apply for Disability Unemployment

Before applying for disability unemployment, it is important to find out the minimum wage requirements for your state. In most states it is required that the person applying for disability unemployment must have been paid at least the minimum wage and for a specified period of time prior to receiving disability payments. If you have not been paid long enough or earn enough, then you can apply for a dependency allowance which will pay a determined amount for the disability you are claiming.

The next step you will need to take is to obtain a medical certification that says you are disabled. There are some doctors who will offer this certification to you, if asked.

Important note:  in order to quality for disability unemployment, you must be under the care of a licensed physician or chiropractor. And, procedures for this process vary from state to state; so it’s advisable to contact your state department immediately once you know the need for disability unemployment is imminent.

Then, call your local state department of labor and request an application for disability during employment. This application will help because it will verify that you are eligible for the benefits you are applying for and will help with any questions you might have concerning your medical certification. Filling out this application takes time, for it is a very long form, with many sections and complicated language throughout. Be sure to take the time to read these pages carefully and make sure that all of the sections have been completed. Should you miss filling out a portion of the application, your claim will be denied.

Fill out this application and give it to your state’s department of labor. This application will ask such things as your mailing address, your social security number and your full name. More detailed information will also be requested.

When you have completed the application, return all of the documents in a timely manner. Most state governments have deadlines that must be met in order for the process to go smoothly. Deadlines for this procedure cannot be extended unless you are hospitalized. Keep in that mind once you have submitted your application, it will take time to process; sometimes it can take from 3 to 9 months to process your application and reach a decision.

Then, if your claim is denied, you must appeal that decision. When a claim is denied, it often means that they just need more information. You have the right to appeal a denial—at least three times per claim. Most likely, you will have to see your physician again to obtain another letter.  When you have to see the doctor again, make sure that he or she understands exactly what you need. Give your doctor the letter you received saying that your claim has been denied. On that paper, it will describe what further information they need. Make sure that the doctor sees any highlighted areas and complies with the needed additional information. Ask him if you could look over the finished letter, to make sure it has all the information needed for the claim.

By doing all of this and taking the time to ensure that all the information requested has been done and submitted properly, you will be able to receive your disability benefits.


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