How To Apply for Jobs with Home Shopping Network

Every American citizen who watches TV has heard of the Home Shopping Network or HSN. This company has gained fame for being the most successful company in the field of home shopping. Landing a job in this company can do more than build up your resume. The company uses technology to a very high degree. This added to the company’s name is enough to boost your chances of instant acceptance for a job application. If you are interested in taking your career to a higher level, you could benefit from the many jobs Home Shopping Network is offering.

Here are the steps that you should take if you want to apply for jobs with home shopping network:

  • Keep your eye on the goal. Decide on the job that you wish to have. HSN houses many behind the scenes high-end jobs. You can choose from any of the following departments: marketing, sales, accounting and customer support. Choose the job that will suit your field of knowledge and experience. Always keep your eye on the possibility of an opening for that job by regularly checking their official website.
  • Prepare a well-written resume. Draft your resume. Make sure that it highlights your educational background, skills and career history. Include your strengths and traits that you think will award you the job. Provide a list of references that can put in a good word for you. Make sure that the people you put in your resume have good reputation. Create a professionally written resume using your draft as a basis. Check it for any typographical error. Ask a trusted friend to check your resume for any lapse in grammar. If you can, find someone who writes well in native English and ask him to go over your resume.
  • Write a Cover Letter. Write a cover letter that will tell the company about you. Keep it concise but clear. Make sure that it is free from typographical errors and grammar lapses. Make sure that to highlight on the benefits that the company will gain if they give you an opportunity to work for them. Do not forget to thank them for their time.
  • Apply for a job electronically. Once you find an opening on the job that you have your eye on, go to the official website of the Home Shopping Network. Find the link for their career and jobs portal. Sign the electronic signature request. Fill out the job application form. Reread each question twice to make sure you understood what they mean. Give a well thought-of, accurate answer to each of the questions. Follow all of the instructions that it will tell you. Submit your resume.
  • Follow up on your job application status. Call the human resources department of Home Shopping Network to find out about the status of your job application. Alternatively, you can go to a recruitment company who has a good working relationship with HSN. The recruiters can follow up the status of your application for you.  

The chance to get a job in a big company like Home Shopping Network is one that should never pass you by. If you have the qualifications and skills for it, you should make a go for it. Just be sure to follow these steps so you can have the easiest route to a career in Home Shopping Network.


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