How To Apply for Multiple Jobs at the Same Time

There are people who have an unbelievable knack at juggling multiple jobs. These people are able to budget their time well despite their busy schedule. Having multiple jobs can give you the extra money you need to indulge your whims. Armed with great budgeting skills, this can guarantee that you will always have money. It is easy to apply for multiple jobs at the same time. The only thing you have to do to accommodate all the jobs that you applied for is to fix your schedule.

Here are the steps that you should take if you want to apply for multiple jobs at the same time:

  • Choose one skill that you will consider as your main job. Decide on a skill that would serve as your primary means of income. Make it the skill with the most number of relevant previous jobs. You can also choose the skill that where you most excel in.
  • Create your templates. This will be your working draft for every resume that you make. This should contain the basic information about you. One relevant piece of information that this template should contain is your educational background. Include your contact details. Make a list of your previous jobs, their job descriptions and the person who can act as your reference. Include three more references that do not belong to your family. Do not include your friends in your references. List down the special skills and qualities that could help you win a job. Do this truthfully. Create a cover letter template that you can modify according to your job application. Make it as up to date as possible.
  • Create a resume and a CV. Prepare a resume and a CV for each of the skills you have. Use the template you have made. Make sure that it contains your previous jobs that are relevant to the skill. Do not include the jobs that are not relevant to your skill.
  • Search the job directories for jobs that have a regular working schedule. Read the job advertisements that are in line with the skill you chose as your primary interest. Before you consider a job as an option, read the company profile of the job advertiser. Browse the Internet for reviews about the company. Eliminate the companies that have a bad reputation. 
  • Search the job directories for freelance jobs. Again, conduct another search. This time, look for freelance jobs. Choose the jobs that are in your area of interest. If a job interests you, look for the working schedule specified in it. Eliminate it as one of your options if it has a fixed schedule. Look for jobs that have flexible working hours, and will only take until four hours to complete.
  • Send your resume by batch. Divide the list of companies by batch. Send your resume to the first batch of companies in your list. Wait for one week before you send the second batch of resumes.

There is nothing wrong with grabbing every opportunity that is available in front of you. As long as you have all the skills required and the schedule that can easily accommodate every job you apply for, you can always give applying for multiple jobs a try. Just follow these steps to make sure you do it as systematically as possible.


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