How To Apply for Safeway Grocery Store Employment

Safeway grocery store is a growing and stable company that offers a lot of jobs in its different departments. Safeway jobs require superior skills on customer service, food handling, and food preparation. In the managerial level, applicants are expected to have prior managerial experience in a grocery setting. What's good about Safeway is that it generously promotes its people, giving deserving and hard-working employees a shot at career advancement.

If you want to assume a job in Safeway grocery store, here are the things you need to do.

  • Identify the kind of job that you want. Numerous jobs are available in different Safeway divisions in different states. If you want to be in the retail team, you can apply as a courtesy clerk, checker, deli clerk, baker, meat wrapper, meat cutter, produce clerk, seafood clerk, and so on. If you want to be on the corporate setting, consider a job in Safeway's corporate departments, which include human resources, accounting, communications, administrative support, information technology, and marketing. When considering a job, make sure to factor in your educational attainment and professional experience.
  • Assess your skills. Ask yourself, "How skilled am I to be a baker?" "Will I be an effective IT assistant?" "Am I really up for the challenge of the job?" It is always effective to have a self-evaluation, because if you know what you are capable of doing, you can easily identify the job that is best for you. It is also helpful in assessing your readiness for the job. Remember not to apply for a job that you think you cannot fully assume. If you don't have enough experience for it, better get some experience first to have realistic expectations.
  • Know where you want to work. Safeway is in many different locations, and you can in fact choose where you want to be assigned. Job positions are of course relative to the location. So if you are targeting a position not available in one branch, you might want to try applying in another location.
  • Prepare for the interview. After completing the online application, set in your mind that you are going to be called in for an interview. Therefore, prepare. List the possible questions that might be thrown at you. Then, think of the best responses. Take it easy, though. Don't fall for the urge to make the most impressive replies, which oftentimes end up sounding superficial. Instead, go for honesty and simplicity. Allow your interviewer to see your real characteristics, skills, and value as a potential employee.
  • Be patient. The key in any employment application is patience. Patience must be evident in filling out the online application form, in waiting for an interview, in waiting for an offer, and in perhaps all stages of the employment application.

Finally, prepare for the job. Even as you apply, make sure that you are fully equipped for the job. If you know of a person working for Safeway, ask him what it is like to be in the company, how you are supposed to prepare, and what you can expect. It is actually best to talk to a person who assumes the position you are targeting. This way, you will get a preview of what your actual duties will be if you get the job.


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