How To Apply for Short Term Disability

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One of the most common reasons why a person is unable to work is a serious health issue. The person who cannot go to work because he is suffering an illness will not enjoy the benefits of receiving his salary. Other cases that can render a person with the disability to work are injury from accidents and pregnancy. With the help of the short-term disability, you can get a small percentage of your salary even if you are unable to go to work. The company you work for or the state makes the payments. Getting short-term disability is easy if you know all the right steps.

Here are the steps that you should take if you want to apply for short-term disability:

  • Conduct a research about the program. Make an Internet research about the short-term disability program. Find out if your case is eligible for short-term disability coverage. Find the list of qualifications and requirements that you have to meet. Check for additional instructions on how to get the program’s coverage.
  • Ask help from your company. Call the Human Resources or HR department of your company. Ask about the disability program. Ask for the terms that could grant you a short-term disability payment. Make a request for the forms that you need to sign. Make it a point to note down the set of instructions you receive. Ask for clarifications about the things that you do not understand. Ask for advice on how to speed up the application process. List down any advice your HR officer gives you. Do not forget to thank the HR officer for his time when you end the call.
  • Prepare all of the documents that you need for the disability program. Gather all of the necessary documents that you have to present. Check the documents for any typing error to make sure that all of the documents are valid. Verify the personal information provided in your documents. Check them against each other for any inconsistency. Inconsistencies in your paperwork will slow down your application process.
  • Answer the application form given by your HR department. Fill out the application form provided by your company. Make sure to write legibly. After answering the form, scan it quickly for fields that you missed. Double-check the answers you gave.
  • Consult your physician. Ask your physician to verify your health condition by documenting your health issue. Ask him to include the diagnosis, symptoms and treatment of your health issue. Your HR officer will give you a form that your physician has to sign fill up.
  • Submit application. Check all of your documents to verify your personal identification for the last time. Make sure that all of the necessary requirements are complete. Photocopy each of the documents you have to have a personal record of your application. Submit your application along with the documents to the Human Resources department of your company. Wait for the approval of your application.

It is always great to find the help that you need in difficult times where you do not have the means to help yourself. If you do these steps, you no longer have to worry about the food on your table even if you cannot work for it.


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