How To Apply the Golden Rule at Work

Applying the Golden Rule at work can, more often than not, be a trying and difficult thing to do.  For those people who seem to have forgotten The Rule, it is simply “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.  Seems really easy, but in today's cutthroat world of deadlines, office politics, and trying to one-up the next guy, this can be a real buzzkill for the working person.

The first thing that should be done when attempting this seemingly unheard of task is to wake up every morning and realize that in the end, you are all at work for the exact same reason.  You are there to make money to either support yourself, a family, a dog, or whatever else you are choosing to support.  This levels the playing field in a way of giving you the knowledge and power to go in and know that everyone from the janitor to the CEO of the company is there for a specific purpose, and it is the same purpose as you.  Waking up in the morning and looking yourself in the mirror with a critiquing eye can provide this first step to changing the hostile workplace.

Second, take a moment each day to say hello to people.  It can be a simple hello to the coffee vendor, a hi to the front secretary, or a good morning to a co worker that can brighten both of your days.  The initiative to do something as simple as that has left the workplace, and most of the time the only thing you do say hello to is the hot steaming cup of coffee on your desk, and the pile of paperwork you need to catch up on.  Remembering to do a simplistic action such as this can change the environment around you in an instant.

Finally, make a conscious effort to do things during the day for other people that you would love to have done for you.  Some call it Karma, others The Golden Rule.  No matter what name you choose to call it, make sure that everything you do in your day is something that will be a positive step in the right direction for improving not only your day, but the people around you also.

At first this will be difficult as the society we live in today has strayed so far from common courtesy and manners in a whole that it will seem like you are going against your inner self.  With time, and a lot of practice you can retrain your personal habits into a noticeable change.  As with all changes we make in our lives it is a simple matter of putting something else before us.  When it does become second nature, you will have not only a great Human Resources story to share, but will also see the you the atmosphere around the office has changed.


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