How To Arrange an Office Desk Ergonomically

Having an office desk is a serious responsibility. You need to keep everything on it in order, every time. Otherwise, if your office desk is a mess, it can badly reflect on you and your company. Perhaps, you may have already known or heard that keeping your desk neat and well organized is a wonderful idea. Aside from that, it can also afford you a number of benefits. Here are some pointers on how you can arrange your office desk ergonomically:

  • Organize your stuff using your computer. Your computer has a hard drive. Rely on it in order to keep away the paper clutter. Prepare the soft copies of the important documents that you always need to have around. You can either scan or retype them. After that, you can save them in your hard drive. It is important that you get to back up all your computer files daily (or weekly). You can have an external drive to do that.
  • Sort your stuff using boxes. Files accumulate fast when you just put them in one place. What you have at the end of the day is a heap of paperwork that needs to be organized. Maybe, you can create a method suitable to your day-to-day undertakings. Use boxes to automatically segregate your files. You can label them: inbox or outbox; for active files, completed files, or reference files; for recycling or for shredding.
  • Keep away your pens. You only need three writing paraphernalia at a time: a pen, a pencil, and a marker (or, a highlighter). Refuse your urge to have more. You really don’t need any extra. If your pen suddenly stops writing, you can always have your pencil around. Once you have thrown your pencil that malfunction, get a new one.
  • Let go of those sticky notes. Aside from making your office desk a bit disorganized, they really don’t stick that much. They are easily misplaced. Get a notebook instead. Just a small one. Position it near your key board. Make a habit of using it. You get to write down your tasks neatly and mark what you have accomplished accordingly.
  • No more photo frames on your office desk. You can prominently display your favorite photos on your computer monitor. You can even save them into a file and a slide show out of them when your computer is not in use.
  • Tidy up your office desk at the end of the day. Spend between five and ten minutes. Arrange your work space. See to it that all your office documents are sorted and filed and all reminders are jotted down in your notebook. If it is the end of the week, you may want use a damp cloth and wipe your office table clean.

Like what Barbar Tischler emphasized in her book, “The Clutter Coach”, arranging your office desk ergonomically has some advantages. You can readily find everything you need, without necessarily wasting your time. You can also create a positive impression once people see how you managed to let things look spick and span.


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