How To Arrange the Perfect Job Interview Outfit

Going on an interview is always nerve-wracking.  You have to prepare for the interview itself and have to calm your nerves so you appear fresh and sharp during the interview.

Their first impression bears a huge impact on whether you get hired or turned down. And giving that “first good impression” means putting together the perfect outfit for the job interview.

It is really not that daunting as long as you follow some simple rules. Consider the position you are interviewing for and dress accordingly.

For Women:

  • If you are going to get a new outfit, choose neutral colors like white, black, cream, pale blue, light pink. You should have some tailored shirts, a silk blouse, a dark colored cardigan or blazer in your closet. Black, dark blue and gray are favorable colors for coats. Choose a freshly pressed crisp shirt and pair it with dark colored tailored trousers. You can also wear an A-line skirt that finishes below the knee or mid-calf.
  • You can wear a beautiful camisole or something soft and feminine under your coat. It shows off our confidence and personality. The cuffs of your dress shirt should show under your coat sleeves to lengthen your arms and tie the look together.
  • Choose clothes that fit. There should be no gaps across your bust line if you are wearing a button up shirt. There should be no bra or panty lines. Choose clothes that are wrinkle-free.
  • Do not wear anything see-through and tight-fitting. Test your outfit before leaving for your interview. You should be able to walk, sit and move around comfortably. Wear a simple but beautiful belt together with your dress pants.
  • Choose comfortable, clean and polished shoes with flat or low heels that coordinate well with your outfit. You should not wear open-toed shoes. They are too casual.
  • For accessories, a diamond stud or pearl earrings or simple gold earrings and matching necklace are acceptable. If you want to wear a ring and bracelet, make sure that they are coordinated with the rest of your jewelry. Otherwise just leave them at home. Wear a dress watch if you want to instead of a bracelet.
  • Opt for a classic handbag that is clean and structured. Do not overstuff your handbag. It should hold just the necessities for your interview, a pen, your wallet and keys and some cosmetics for touch ups.
  • Wear light makeup that looks natural. You hair should be neat and held back nicely with a nice clip or a simple headband. Choose light cologne in a citrusy, floral scent.

For Men:

  • Choose a light colored crisp shirt, black, gray or navy blue trousers and coat in plain colors or in pin stripes.
  • Wear a conservative tie in solid color. Use a black or dark brown leather belt to tie up your look.
  • Wear comfortable dress shoes that are clean and polished and thin, dark colored socks.
  • Use a gold or silver colored dress watch. Avoid bulky, sporty watches.

The minimalist approach is the safest choice here. Neat, coordinated and crisp is the order of the day. The end goal is to appear confident, well-groomed and comfortable. You have to set out to win the prospective employer over and not overwhelm them.


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