How To Ask for a Job Interview

You may have sat in front of your computer for hours and even days as you search for the right job that fits your skills and experience. Then you may have spent weeks to write the perfect cover letter and tweaked your resume for the right style that suits each job you are interested in pursuing. You have finally sent out your cover letter and resume to potential employers and now you sitting and waiting for that important call. To be realistic, you know that you may or may not receive a call. Therefore, what do you do to get an interview?

You can make the call yourself, of course. This shows a potential employer that you are interested in the job and that you are willing to take the necessary steps to get it.

  1. Give your potential employer a call one to two weeks after you have sent your resume to give them enough time to review it. Remember that you are not the only jobseeker who has sent in a resume.
  2. Make a list of the companies you want to call and set aside a whole day just for this. Make a list of the contact information and the contact person you have to talk to, usually in the Human Resources Department or maybe a recruitment company they have hired for the purpose.
  3. Time your call when they are least busy, usually mid-morning or mid-afternoon. Avoid calling at the start of business hours or so late in the afternoon when they are preparing to leave the office.
  4. Talk with the person in charge of recruitment, introduce yourself and remind them that you have sent them your resume. Tell the recruiter the position you are interested in and then politely ask when will be the best time to come for an interview.
  5. Be sure to keep it simple and short. Rehearse what you have to say before you make the call.
  6. If you get a recording, leave a message or you may call back. If you have to leave messages, do not leave more than two. Otherwise you will irritate the recruiter and ruin your chances of a call back.
  7. Jot down the time of your call and the person you were able to talk with on your list. Include the result of your call so you can drop those with negative responses and make follow-up calls later to those who gave positive responses.
  8. If you are not too confident that you can ask for an interview by phone, then you can send them an email. Your full name and the position you are applying for should go in the subject line. Compose a brief but professional sounding message summarizing your qualifications and why you are interested in the job. Proofread your message and attach another copy of your resume before you send it. Rename your resume to include your full name.

Do not just sit and wait after you have sent your resume. There can be hundreds of applicants for an available position, so you have to be tactful, inventive and proactive in securing that coveted job interview.


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