How To Ask for and Get a Promotion

It’s hard to ask for and get a promotion without sounding arrogant and offending your supervisors. And you mustn’t sound like that because you are the one asking a favor. But if you think that you deserve a promotion, then do it. Below are tips on how to ask for and get a promotion.

  • Ensure first that you’re qualified for a promotion. Check your track record and ask yourself honestly if you deserve a higher position and salary. If you’re just new at your job, then dedicate yourself to enhance your working skills and character.
  • Draft memos. List what you want to accomplish in the first 90 days of your job. Explain that you will help the person who will take over your position in case you’ll get promoted. Before presenting your memos to management, have someone to read your memos to check if the facts are correct and the tone of your letter is honest and not offensive.
  • Timing. Make hints to your supervisor or other heads that you’re ready for a promotion. You can suggest informal hints, like discourses about promotion while you’re sipping coffee with your officemates and bosses. Awareness in the company’s business plight is vital because your boss must be in good condition when you plan to talk to him.
  • Pitch preparation. In you desire to discuss your interest for another or higher position you need to convince your supervisor that you’re capable for it. If your supervisor told you that he’ll get fresh ideas from a new employee, tell him convincingly that you are that person. Have a readymade list of your plans for the next six months or one year and present and discuss it with your boss. If your head is busy, schedule a meeting where you can elaborate your ideas that will accelerate the success of the company.
  • Train someone for your replacement. Tell your supervisor that you will devote time to train the person who will replace you if he told you that you’re needed for your current position. List names of possible people who may fill-up your shoes when you vacate your position and mention them to your head and discuss why are they qualified for the position.
  • Mention that you’re interested and flexible for the promotion even if your supervisor told you that there’s no increase. Ask for your evaluation after three months in your new possible position. Then, if you pass your evaluation, at that moment, you certainly can discuss salary. Do not use seniority as justification for promotion. Present your proposal as soon as you can to lessen chances of the company’s outside search.

If you need a higher paying job, remember to have a backup plan in case you don’t get promoted. You must list companies that you’re interested to work in and keep updated about their job hiring so you can easily apply if ever you don’t get promoted. Just keep in mind that before you resign on your current job, ensure that you’re really not happy, that you need a career shift, that you need to work in a new environment or you really need to have a higher paying job because it may tamper your reputation if you’ll just work for the money.


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