How To Ask Someone to be a Reference

References are important in your bid to bag your dream job. These persons may be supervisors or co-workers nevertheless they are the best sources of evidence about your skills and competencies. Before putting in details of such individuals on your resume make sure to observe courtesy by asking properly.

  • Make a personal approach. By doing so, you will be assured that they are prepared to address the issues that will be raised by your prospective employers. Even though being referred to by another person to attest professional capabilities can be a flattering situation some people are easily offended when their contact details are given to other people.
  • Help them help you. You obviously choose to get people who want to lend an extra hand for your professional progress. Make it a point to give them an idea about the nature of your chosen work. This will aid them in formulating specific statements about your abilities.
  • Take a hint. Check the reaction of your chosen reference. A positive one means that he will have the willingness and ability to dish out the necessary information for you to get the job. If you feel the slightest apprehension or doubt, it will be best for your employment campaign if you remove this person from your list. A good reason for this pessimism can be associated with your previous job performance.
  • Negate the distance. If you can’t personally make it to ask a person to be part of your academic or professional reference then you can do it through phone or email. Make sure you go about this in the most polite manner possible. It will help if you can send them a copy of documents pertaining to your needs like details about the job or scholarship you wish to have.
  • Choose wisely before you ask. The facts that your chosen referee will provide are vital factors that can affect your application. This is why you have to list down persons that you can rely on. Having a co-worker whom you did not share good times with is not a good idea. Although your list becomes shorter by the moment make sure to maintain the competence of the reference section on your resume. It should be composed of people who possess the needed qualification to talk about your work ethics and professional contributions.
  • Make sure you know where you stand. Co-workers and the closest supervisor in your job hierarchy can easily become a close buddy. This relationship can make it easy for you to inform them about being part of your reference. A casual text message or tweet can get the job done. If you have intentions of including higher authorities in your list you should follow formal methods of communication.
  • Don’t forget to express gratitude. If you end up being placed on the position you are targeting then it’s your responsibility to send out a thank you to the referees who have helped you. Bear in mind that an expression of gratitude even though you didn’t do well is a good move as it will motivate them to act as your reference in future employment bids.

The objective of placing reference on your resume is to establish a credible image. Asking someone to lie for you will go against such essential trait.


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