How To Avoid Bad Manners at Work

A book written by Robert Fulghum entitled "All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten" talks about behaviors and everything that we need to know that we can apply at the present time and which were already taught during those formative years.

Avoiding bad manners, for instance, especially at work would seem like something that comes naturally but some people still forget to do this. It would be best if we bring our morals to the office so that other people will not judge us negatively.

Below are some basic suggestions on how to avoid bad manners at work:

Put things back where you found them. Office supplies are often shared by several people. Things like staplers, tapes or pencil sharpeners are used by more than one employee so always remember to put them back after using them. This also applies to borrowing personal stuff. It is also a common courtesy to constantly ask for permission before using personal things and putting them back where you found them after.

Clean up your own mess. Cleaning up is something that you learn at home too. Simple things like leaving the refrigerator door ajar or heating food in the microwave without covering it may seem like simple things at home, but are big issues when at the office. Try to avoid things that can cause discomfort or hassle to your officemates. Make a fresh pot of coffee if you happen to be the last one to get it. Put your dirty dishes in the dishwasher instead of just leaving them in the sink. Doing these little things will certainly make the office a more conducive place for working.

Play fair. Try to be honest with your officemates and avoid doing things that will intentionally hurt them. Never use the work or idea of other people and make it your own. Be a team player and do everything you can for the betterment and success of the team. If you have important information that you think can help the team, learn to share those ideas. Be trustworthy and never use anything that anyone has told you in confidence against them. You can think of your officemates as part of your family and that your duty is to help and protect them instead of trying to hurt or put them down.

Show respect. Since everyone is giving respect to elders and relatives, extend also the same respect to your officemates and your boss. Avoid gossiping or talking about other people behind their backs. Do your best to remain professional and not get involved in personal things. If you are already involved in an officemate's personal affairs or issues, be sure to put them aside when at the office and during work hours so that it wouldn't affect your team's output.

Proper behavior at work is like following the rules at home, except that you have more things to look out for and there are more people involved. Always be cautious before you say or do anything and be mindful of your actions.


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